Part 2. Sex and love techniques.

In the previous article «How to become an ideal lover. Part 1. Spiritual.» we discussed the best ways to win a girl’s heart and make her want to have sex with you. In this article you will find some tips on how to stay on top when you get into bed with the woman of your dreams.

I hope that you have understood that only when you light the fire in the woman’s eyes and she will want to have sex with you despite all her fears, you can start the desired act.

While making sex you must remember that you are making love to a woman, not working out in the gym. If you focus on yourself only and set the goal to hold out the quick pace for 5 minutes, that will not do anything good. You must love the woman and show her your caress, attention and care. You must see and hear her wishes. Only then you will prove yourself. It is not a secret that some women love quick rough sex, but the number of such extreme lovers is very small.

When you are in bed, say «no» to any doubts and shyness.

Every woman wants to be «bad» at least for a short time, but married men don’t usually have enough imagination and temper to let their wives do that. That is why to love the girl is not enough. You must let her bring her fantasies and dreams into life. Offer her to have sex in unusual places a couple of times and if the girl who looks shy agrees, it proves that she is much hotter and passionate than you could imagine!

Forget resentment and feud when you are having sex.

Sometimes sex becomes not only a pleasant pastime, but also a tool in the hands of one of the lovers, which we do not advise to use. No matter in what mood you are, how many problems you have or which arguments your couple have come through, when you have sex, you must take your woman as if she is the most desired lady, even if you hate her outside your bed. I agree that it is difficult, but it is necessary.

Parameters and sizes.

In most cases size does not matter at all. There are many cases when big size causes more inconveniences, rather than pleasures. To speak in a simple language, it hurts women.

However, if you think that a woman can have a negative reaction to your size, it is better to have the first sex in the dark or dim candle light. On one hand, it will hide your size, on the other hand, it will turn her on even harder, which is a twofold benefit for you.

After sex.

If you were tender, gentle and passionate before the sex, you must stay the same person after it. This will help you beat the woman’s doubts that you have organised a romantic evening only to have sex. Therefore, after sex you must spend some time on sincere talks and hugs and, of course, you must not hurry to go away or quickly call a taxi to take the woman home. The ideal continuation would be made by a bottle of wine, that could leave a fine aftertaste and help the woman feel happy and desired.

So, if you have read our tips attentively, you must have noticed the main idea that goes through all the lines: sex is not about good moves, the size of your manhood or how strong and long-lasting you can be in bed. Sex, is about making your woman comfortable, taking care of her and giving her a chance to be whoever she wants to be: a naughty girl or obedient one. And if she feels herself secure and empowered, you will both spend unforgettable time together. Good luck.