How to become sexy?

Is it all about six-pack fit body? There is a lot going on behind the scenes, fit body is definitely perfect but not really everything.

How to be sexy?

To begin with, I want you to remember that being sexy is more about your inner charm, rather than appearance. Which means that you can develop sexuality in yourself. So, here is a list of things to find out how to be a sexier man.

  1. Emotional state and inner spirit can make wonders. Very often we see people who are not very attractive, but we say there is something about them. Someone calls it charm, others know it is inner self-confidence. What makes men sexy? Muscles? Not really. I would give the first place to a charming smile. Smile is very important for both females and males. If you know the way to charm a lady with a smile, you know how to be seductive and confident. Body language plays a big role, mind the way you look, sit and talk.
  2. It is a well-known fact that girls love with their ears, so if you don`t know how to make yourself feel sexy, it is recommended to work on your voice. It has to be languishing, silk-soft, the one which tunes a woman up. Make your speech and your voice a bit lower when you pronounce the key words. Be generous with compliments, make it extraordinary: You are gorgeous even without make up. Wow! This compliment definitely wins your girl`s heart. If you want to emphasize features of her body, make it in exquisite way: I love your red lipstick, can`t resist a temptation to kiss you! I like watching you walking, you move so gracious.
  3. Your clothes must reveal your better sides and hide drawbacks. Do not wear the same clothes more than two days in a row. Remember, you can attract attention in any outfit you choose, either in jeans and a T-shirt, or a formal suit, the main secret is that it must suit you. Sexy looking men tend to wear dark color clothes. Do not neglect accessories. If you put on black shoes, your belt must be black. A nice stylish watch will add some extra charm to your image. If you have a look at any advertisement of a good male watch, there is an image of a tall handsome guy in black with a beard. This image is considered to be of a sexy man for women. But in reality the best clothes are the ones in which you feel relaxed and confident from inside. The way we present ourselves to the world is the reflection of your inner world.
  4. The skill to cast eyes at somebody is not only women’s priority. But the way a guy should do it is different. First look at the woman’s lips letting her know that you are interested. Then look aside and in a few minutes look straight into the eyes. It makes your look mysterious and languishing.
  5. Being sexy means being in the limelight among women all the time. That is why you should pay attention to your appearance. Of course you must always be clean and smell nice, but you must also be in a good physical shape. There are so many options nowadays to help you to keep fit. First and the most essential factor is your healthy diet, gym or just physical exercises at home. It is not necessarily going to the gym, it is enough to do regular sit-ups and push-ups at home. There is a tendency for girls to prefer guys with beard. It should be shaved in a neat way, it adds maturity, but not all ladies like it. It is not the rule to follow.
  6. Be a real gentleman: open the door for a lady, help to put on the coat, offer to see her home or call a taxi. All this overwhelms ladies and they want to spend as much time with you as possible.

What makes a particular man sexy? It`s his confidence for sure. He doesn`t need acknowledgement, he knows it from inside. Is there a way to build this confidence and how to become an attractive man? Definitely yes. It`s a hard work on your self-esteem, which you can boost either by yourself or using psychological techniques. By looking in the mirror, you should feel satisfied, tell yourself in the morning: “I am handsome”, “I attract beautiful girls”, “I am strong and confident”. By repeating these phrases, you gain positivity and pleasant aura around you which attracts positive vibes from outside as well. It is good to have a self-training, but keep in mind that only convincing yourself won`t work, you should put many efforts into this.

Many women think that it is sexy when a man drives a car. Take your woman for a drive and show a real you. Don`t be afraid, everything is in your hands. When he confidently drives a car, she feels safe and satisfied.

How about you cooking in the kitchen? Wow, it will turn any girl on. You can try to cook some desserts with your partner, wearing only aprons. You will definitely like this activity, be playful and enjoy the process.

An intelligent person is very sexy, isn`t it? He charms his lady with something new, innovative and interesting. It doesn`t mean you need to give a lecture about biology or physics. Discuss a recent book about life or some interesting phenomenon. Reading is essential and a very good topic for discussion. Maybe you have watched a nice movie and want to share. Why not watching a film with sexy scenes with your partner together? How about “Fifty shades of Grey”? You must have heard about it before, spice up your life and find new tricks how to satisfy a girl. “Hitch” is an amusing comedy which keeps you entertained as well. “Friends with benefits” is a comedy too, will definitely turn your evening in a lot of fun.

Whatever you do, do it with charm and you have all chances to win her heart! Work on your confidence, ladies notice it from the far distance and subconsciously attract to guys like these.