Have you ever asked yourself this question? If you have, this article will be a good help to you. Even if you are already sexy, you will find a couple of useful tips as well.

To begin with, I want you to remember that being sexy for a man is more about his inner charm, rather than his good looks. Which means that you can develop sexuality in yourself. So, here is a list of things you have to work on to be sexy.

  1. Emotional state and inner spirit of a man can make wonders. Very often we see people who are not very good-looking, but we say there is something about them. Someone calls it charm, others know it is inner self-confidence. However, you must remember that not only you are unique, but people around you are also unique. If you forget about it, that will distract people from you. Sexuality and sex have the same origin. So if you want to become sexy, women must see you as a sexual object. Be a mystery, but not too secret one. Or people will think that you do have something to hide.
  2. It is known that women love with their ears, so if you want to become sexy, you must work on your voice. It has to be languishing, silk-soft, the one that will tune up for sexual relationship. While speaking, use words that hint on sex like «This tea is so HOT.» Or «What a STRONG car.» Make your speech slower and your voice lower when you pronounce the key words «hot» and «strong». This will make a woman want you subconsciously.
  3. The skill to cast eyes at somebody is not only women’s priority. But the way a man must do it is different. First look at the woman’s lips letting her know that you are interested in her. Then look aside and in a few minutes look straight into her eyes. It is desirable to think about something sexual at that moment. This way you will become sexy in her eyes and this will make your look mysterious and languishing. Do not hold that look longer than 5 minutes, or you will scare her. You can look at her later with a light smile to fix the result and she will smile back.
  4. Being sexy means being in the limelight among women all the time. That is why you must look after yourself. Of course you must always be clean and smell nice if you want to become sexy, but you must also be in a good physical shape. Look at yourself from a woman’s point of view. Would you be attracted by your belly? If not, it is time for you to go to the gym. Light stubble does not suit everyone. So, if you look in the mirror and do not like the reflection, you will not do without a razor. If light stubble adds some mystery, it can look sexy in case you choose the right clothes.
  5. Your clothes must reveal your better  sides and hide drawbacks. Do not wear the same clothes more than two days in a row. Keep in mind, that women consider a booty the most attractive part of a man’s body which wakes women’s imagination up. So pay most attention to what your booty looks like in jeans or trousers you are wearing. Remember, you can be sexy in any outfit you choose, either in jeans and a T-shirt, or a formal suit, the main secret is that it must suit you. Do not neglect accessories. If you put on black shoes, your belt must be black. To become sexy do not wear white socks and black trousers. An expensive mechanical watch will add some extra charm to your image. If you smoke, buy yourself a unique and stylish lighter.
  6. Be a real gentleman: open the door for a woman, help her put on the coat, offer to see her home instead of calling a taxi. All this overtakes women and makes them want to spend as much time with you as possible.

In conclusion, I want you to remember that you can develop your sexuality, but you will have to control yourself, until you get used to being sexy, or even when you will really become sexy.