How to become sexy?

If every time a potential male client during our first interview instead of describing his hotness and how girls throw themselves on him would actually present me with an orchid, then I would probably have a few flower shops and a real orchid paradise at home. Of course, I am just joking but working with singles for more than a decade has taught me lots of important insides on relationships and dating.

So, how to be a hot man? First, never boast how irresistible and desirable you are. I have absolutely no idea why some men do it. It is such a huge turn-off. Once, for almost 20 minutes during a skype interview with a potential male client with the camera on this gentleman was telling me that he doesn’t look his age, and all women are crazy about him. It looked like he tried to convince himself and also me that all these statements are true. The whole time I wanted to tell him: “But I can see you. Here you are right in front of me on the computer screen”. His speech and self-praising screamed about his lack of confidence and pessimism about his real chances to meet someone real. Thus, never try to say out loud how unearthly handsome you are, don’t boast with the number of your conquests either real or imaginary. Let the girl in front of you make up her own mind if she finds you good-looking. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The question remains: how to be sexy to women? I have no doubts you have heard that confidence is attractive. But how to be seductive and confident if you are naturally shy and introverted. Dating and flirting like any other skill require practice. You can’t really expect to pass a language exam without mastering the language and practicing it or getting the body of your dream without discipline, which means regularly working and keeping to a healthy diet excluding smoking and alcohol. The same rules apply to approaching women. If you have never been out on more than 2 dates with one girl, can you really know how to court a lady properly? Women like it when a man feels comfortable when talking to a woman, he feels confident and relaxed enough to concentrate on jokes, compliments, and interesting stories and questions. When a person feels relaxed and doesn’t act like he has to prove something, to make sure a woman in front of him understands the true level of his attractiveness – then this man can actually concentrate on reality: what she is saying and be a truly active listener.

Men often think that the number one tip on how to be a sexy male should be getting a strong athletic body. Of cause, when you are 190 cm tall and have a body like Chris Hemsworth and/or a face of young Brad Pitt it can help you get female attention, but if you are not attentive to a woman, arrogant, rude, and not truly present during your dates, then even a sixpack and impressive biceps won’t put you on the radar of a smart intelligent lady who is looking for a healthy long-term relationship.

If the question is how to look sexier then the tips are more or less standard and predictable:
Make sure you look healthy and fit. When you have multiple rolls of fat on your neck – the lady can think that you do not take care of yourself and your health, hence you are not responsible, immature, and probably not ready for serious relationships and starting a family. You must be a great example to your future children, don’t you? Good hygiene is important and sexy too. You will be surprised but so many times girls were turned off when a guy took off his sock on a beach for the first time and she saw his toenails and heels of the feet with all the dirt and dead skin he has collected over the years. That’s repulsive.

Do you want to know how to become an attractive man? Start with getting a proper pedicure and a modern haircut. Don’t try to do it yourself. It is so much smarter to trust a professional.

If you want to find out more things girls find sexy you should visit our YouTube blog by dialing on YouTube. In this article, we also will provide you with more practical tips.
· Learn how to compliment a lady. Good not trivial compliments are a great tool to win a heart of a lady regardless of if it is your first or fifth date. How to be sexy for your girlfriend? Compliment her looks, praise her achievements, appreciate her efforts to make your relationship work, thank her for choosing you among all the men that live on this planet. This will make her feel special, wanted, beautiful, appreciated and it will make you look kind, thoughtful, and sexy in her eyes. Your words have to be sincere otherwise they will lose their magic.
· Learn to find the balance between listening and talking. I assume we all have been out on a date when your partner keeps talking all the time and at the end of the date you know all his co-workers by names, know about family problems of his friend Steve, and about the lawnmower, his neighbor has recently bought, and you struggle with keeping up with all this information. Why is he or she sharing all this with you? Or the opposite scenario – your dating partner is silent, and it becomes awkward so you start thinking of questions to ask and keep receiving short indifferent answers.
· Be positive! Being negative about everything – weather, people around, venue, topics, politics is not attractive.
Many men ask how to look hot if they want to date Ukrainian women. These tips are specially for you:
· Chivalry is not dead in Ukraine! It is expected that a man will court a woman, will take her out, foot the bills on the dates, present flowers, and create many romantic moments.
· Do not badmouth local men and local culture. Telling that Ukrainian men are unfaithful and not serious about relationships will not earn you extra points.
· Use the romantic appeal of a different culture. Tell your date about special traditions and habits that are popular in your country or city. Introduce her to the best features of your culture. It will make your dating experience different, more unique.
· It is often recommended by different “dating gurus” and “pick-up expects” to appear not very interested or not approachable, otherwise you risk looking needy. We call such an approach stupid. Don’t play games. Be sincere and treat a lady with respect. If you like a girl – tell her about it and ask her out. This is sexy. Of course, claiming you love her on a third date is too extreme and not serious.

We hope it was helpful and we are looking forward to seeing you in our blog again!