How to Choose a Date-night Wine

Wine is definitely a romantic and passionate drink. Either it is red, white or rose, it tastes good. Its aroma puts passion on the speed lane. When I have a glass of this amazing drink, I always imagine a huge vineyard, somewhere in New Zealand or Australia and the owners are an old couple who grow grapes with love, taking the sun of a beautiful planet and then they make the most delicious product. And even sitting in one of the restaurant in cold autumn in Ukraine, you may feel the notes of a beautiful grape. A winemaker`s touch makes difference too.

A perfect date night won`t be complete without a good bottle of grapes. When mentioning a date night, an image of a cosy luxurious restaurant pops up, a nice table in the corner for two with candles dimmed lights and definitely romantic wine glasses. Even pronouncing charming bottle names makes you sound classy and knowledgeable. Try to pronounce such names as Chateau Montrose, produced in Bordeaux in France, Chablis and the Cote D`or, a famous Chilean brand Concha Y Toro. Reading a wine list can be challenging sometimes, but tasting is much better, isn`t it? It is more than just drinking a usual beverage, it is the whole experience. To make it a pleasant experience, you should learn more about flavours you like. Not to go too deep into the knowledge, you can at least decide which one you prefer more, red, white or rose. It has a big difference in taste, color and the effect in general. What is the best wine for a date night? It should be the one you are familiar with, on the first date it is better not to experiment. Go with famous brands such as Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and you won`t regret. They are the most popular romantic red wines. If you hesitate and not really sure which one to choose, ask a waiter to help you.

But here are some tips you should follow:

  • Listen patiently to the waiter and ask a girl`s preferences first.
  • Don`t choose the cheapest bottle. It doesn`t look nice.
  • Even if you are planning to have just 1 glass, it is better to order a bottle. It looks sophisticated and romantic.

What is a good dinner wine? Wine has a personality, it doesn`t go along with all dishes.

It depends what you are planning to eat.

  1. If you decide to have a selection of cheese, its best friend will be red wine that goes together with hard types of cheeses, such as Shiraz, soft types will taste perfect with dry whites such as Riesling.
  2. If you are going to eat beef or lamb, for sure go for red one, such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon.
  3. Select whites for seafood and fish such as Gewürtzraminer, Sauvignon Blanc.

Why not to go for wine tasting date night? If you know that your girlfriend loves it and wants to know more about it, it is an amazing idea to take her for a tasting with a professional sommelier. They will teach you how to taste it correctly, will show the difference between brands and it will be in the right order from light to stronger ones. It will give you an opportunity not only to taste, but also to understand it. There are two ways of organizing such date night, either you take your woman to a place where it is all ready for you, it might be a hotel that hosts a party like that or any restaurant. It is very popular nowadays and may be easily found, or you are in charge of it yourself. But here you take the responsibility on yourself, are you ready? It must be fun. But the first question arises what kind of wine should I buy? If it is going to be a tasting, obviously you will need several types, but make sure it is not all three different ones: red, sparkling and white at the end. Because that party might end somehow different not in a positive way. You can try Chardonnays but of different year of producing, if you really like wines from Argentina, choose three white ones from different regions.

How to choose the best wine?

It depends absolutely on your preferences, which you like more. If you have enough time before the party, you may find much information about different brands, read labels in the shops. It is believed the older the beverage the better, it is more applicable for red wines. So if you hesitate between two bottles with different years, opt for the older one. The price matters as well as in purchasing any other things but it is not the main factor. To be on the safe side, choose famous brands, which are time and quality tested for many decades and people.

Think about the food as well, you serve some appetizers and snacks, if you are not planning to have a proper dinner.

Be ready with relevant glasses and don`t forget about a very small but necessary detail a corkscrew. It is a well-known fact that there are two different types of glasses. A glass with a larger bowl is designed for reds and with a narrower bowl for whites.

Which one you prefer more? Even if you don`t have any at home, you shouldn`t use plastic cups not to turn an exclusive experience into cheap drinking. Either borrow from your friends for an occasion or buy in the shop.

Would you like to show off a bit in front of your woman and play a bit of a game? Try to be a real professional, you can host a real party for her. If you want to be fully prepared, watch some tutorials and write it down into your “wine journal”. But knowing just main key things will be enough and you can surprise a lady with a new skill. Prepare a romantic atmosphere, arrange a table with candles, turn on some nice background music. Wine and romance go together. It warms the heart and loosens the tongue. Don`t give a lecture of a history of grapes and the whole you choose for your date, it is absolutely unnecessary, but you can say few words about it, at least which country it is from to add more charm. Pour the glasses, don`t full them up to the top. Master your techniques together, swirl the glass in your hand, admire the liquid and take a sip. Enjoy the first type, no need to finish the bottle till the end. It is important to know your limit. Nothing worse than getting too drunk on the date.

Have you ever tried wine from dates? Surprised? Yes, it really exists and you can even make it at home. You just need some ingredients to do it right: dates themselves, sugar and water, acid. But it is a real process, it is much more difficult, so better not to experiment on the date.

Let me share with you some interesting facts about this divine drink: it reduces the risk of heart diseases and Alzheimer`s disease, boosts the mood and prevents stroke.

You must probably remember the Titanic story. This giant ship had the biggest and oldest wine cellars, which situated deep under the ocean surface, almost all bottles were found undamaged.

Wine is not everyone`s “cup of tea”, but sometimes a good bottle of this beverage can make wonders. Try new things and let your life be full of adventures.