How to choose flowers for a Ukrainian lady?

The best fragrant gift is flowers. Unearthly, open, tender……they stretch their petals towards life as the embodiment of love and beauty. Therefore, all ladies love to receive them as a gift so much, and men like giving them. However, girls not only have their favorite flowers, it also turns out each of them has its own meaning. That is why, in order to choose the right ones, you should familiarize yourself with their alphabet. While dating a lady from another culture, you should know certain rules in order to avoid awkward situations. According to ancient Slavic tradition, even number means mourning, so be careful if you go on a date with a Ukrainian lady. In case it is a big mixed bouquet, it is not a big deal.

Should you bring flowers on a first date? The answer will be definitely yes. It sets the mood of a date and it is always a win-win situation. Some men have a personal approach, guided by favorite color of the lady or personal assumptions. When you put your heart into it, it will definitely have a positive effect.

What are the best flowers to give to a girl? The ideal option is her favorite ones. Which exactly? You can find out in an innocent conversation on this topic. It is also important to consider the type of plants, color range, design and packaging. Even her age matters while deciding what flowers to give to a girl. Still, it is most important what meaning the flowers you are going to give to a girl carry in themselves.

It is quite natural if we start with a rose – the queen of love. Dark-burgundy roses are undoubtedly very beautiful, express deep feelings, no wonder you will see many couples on Valentine`s Day, carrying bouquets of this color. Yellow roses are thought to be a symbol of separation or jealousy in Ukraine. At the same time, white roses are able to tell about the purity of the man’s intentions.

If you decide to choose lilies, keep in mind that they embody admiration and tenderness; as well as testify to the emerging sympathy, interest and admiration. Lilies are considered the embodiment of purity, devotion, wealth. She will be happy with their colors, unless, of course, she suffers from an allergy to their strong fragrance. It also happens that ladies just do not like their particular smell.

Orchids belong to refined and rather expensive ones. They are good flowers to give to a girl to show strong intimate feelings. The orchid embodies lightness, dreaminess, devotion, charm and refinement.

However, universal chrysanthemums and irises are characterized by lightness and freedom from any obligations. They do not promise anything, that is why they are given on any occasion and to anyone. It is a good flower to give, as it can stay fresh in a vase for almost a month, which is a great way to prove the man’s devotion and love. Chrysanthemums are associated with fun, love and good mood. While iris embodies reliability, faith and wisdom. Its bright color perfectly creates a spring mood, and this cheerful flower has a very delicate aroma too.

If you want to make a stunning gift, you must definitely choose pions. Giving your lady a huge armful of pions will bring a smile on her face and a lot of positive emotions. It can be given to your beloved woman in the form of a large neat bouquet, as an addition to a gift or simply on a beautiful sunny day. Many ladies like field chamomiles, symbolizing innocence, simplicity, youth, gullibility, sunshine, purity and romance.

Lush tulips, especially white ones, is the best gift on a sunny day. By the way, they personify a very refined declaration of secret feelings, and is considered a symbol of happiness, sincere love and affection. However, in Turkey and other eastern countries, the tulip means a hint of erotic thoughts about the girl. Therefore, men with such a gift should be especially cautious.

Finally, the bouquet must necessarily be fresh. Try to avoid any tinsels or colors, which therefore need “make-up”. The petals should be smooth, shiny, without wrinkles.

There is a tendency to give mixed bouquets, which are considered the best flowers for the first date.

In fact, it doesn`t really matter what kind of flowers you decided to get to your girlfriend. The main thing is that they are given from heart. Therefore, let the fire of love burn in your eyes, from which the heart opposite to you will be lit up, too, while the flowers will only intensify this flame.