So, you are tired of looking for your destiny? Or, you have no time for this? Then, you are highly recommended to address someone, who can help you with this. Who will it be? Cupid, maybe? I would say “yes”. “But how is it possible?” you may think. And I will tell you, that on our planet there do exist Cupids – they are people, who work for this cute baby like god of love and help other people find their beloved. These human Cupids are usually called matchmakers and they are ready to take responsibility for your happiness. Therefore, in case you need their help you can find them in their offices – matchmaking agencies and they will gladly serve their duty.

However, with a wide choice of these very Cupids how can you choose the right one?

To tell you the truth we have already given you lots of recommendations on how to choose a matchmaker in our previous articles. That is why, I will imagine that I am in need of someone to help me with this issue and share my own speculations on how to make the choice.

The first thing I will check up on when I will choose a matchmaker is… Internet and social networks, of course. I would definitely think of addressing someone, who is constantly on the net and I see their name in the ads popping up here and there on the screen. Why? At least I have a chance to see that this Cupid and their agency exist and they are ready to tell the world about themselves.

The next step I will make to choose a matchmaker is address them directly. I am sure that the best ones and those interested in their clients will answer me instantly.

The next thing that will help me choose a matchmaker is the way they will be communicating with me. I will surely assess this aspect as building relationship is actually based on communication. And if the person, who promises to help you find your true love, cannot communicate properly, how can they even think of giving services of such kind?

If I like the way the Cupid or his representative communicates with me, I will surely want to visit their office and talk to them face-to-face. I will really appreciate if they have a personal psychologist, who will give me advice and will help me in case I have some problems communicating with my possible beloved. Moreover, having an office is a very important thing for a matchmaker, because if they exist virtually only, the “matchmaking agency” you are communicating with is very likely a scam.

When I decide to choose a matchmaker, I will definitely want to see a contract in which both my personal Cupid and I will have our responsibilities and rights listed. I will surely want to know how much the service will cost and what the price includes in itself and will never fall for something cheap or free. Why? That is because every work has to be paid for and this is when it is done properly. That is why the best matchmakers have reasonable prices for what they do as they provide high-quality services.

Finally, the last point that will make me choose this very matchmaker and their agency is the feedbacks of their clients. I will not even look for ones on the internet. I am sure that a good agency has a big database with pictures and maybe videos of their clients, who have got married or are in relationship right now. Pictures of Cupids being present at the clients’ weddings or other important occasions will be good proof that I am in the right hands.

Finally, I will undoubtedly listen to my heart. And if I were to choose a matchmaker, I would want to work with the one whom I like and feel free with. If all the ranking about the agency is great, but there is something I dislike about it, I would likely address someone else. And what about you, my dear reader?

Valeria Matskevich, with love