How To Date a Highly Intelligent Woman

Studying marriage preferences of more than two thousand men through interviews and surveys, biological anthropologists have described the so-called “Clooney Effect” related to the wedding of beautiful Amal, a human rights lawyer to the well-known actor and Americans’ most favorite bachelor. Successful and strong women with the depths of the ocean in their souls are desired by more than seventy percent of men. A vast majority of them long for dating intellectual and well-educated ladies, being in search of confident and self-assured women.

I couldn’t agree more that it’s a real pleasure to communicate with a knowledgeable lady. If you are interested in dating an intelligent woman, thinking of how to date or where to meet and have an intelligent discussion, enjoyable conversation with a really smart girl, you might imagine or have a good idea what kind of woman you are looking for. Is she independent, ambitious, pretty? Is a bachelor’s degree, a good command of languages or profound interest in natural sciences a key to a healthy intimate relationship?

To be honest, I tend to see some holes in this theory of benefits. However, further clues have been already proposed according to the intriguing psychological research. Do men really like smart women? The study offers the following: men like saying things and talking about how hard it is to impress an intelligent, very cultured lady or make a smart girl like you, hypothetically, when they are psychologically distanced from them. Nevertheless, interacting with such a woman, they are likely to be impacted more by their immediate needs and emotions and less by their ideal partner preferences.

Let me give you a piece of useful advice. It is true that strong physical attraction depends on personal traits, talents and skills, so your conversations should be challenging and meaningful. Having common values and interests is also essential. Your significant other’s ability to inspire you to be a better person, motivate you, make you feel more self-confident, needed, interesting is important as well as having her fixed stable point of view on life, relationships and children’s upbringing or knowing when to criticize and praise. At the same time, you are probably eager to be heard, that is why your own opinion should be respected, even if it is different. Your life partner should be proud of your successes and be grateful, appreciating your determined effort and giving you compliments.

It is time to let your hearts go where they will. You’d better choose your partner to suit your heart. I bet she would be the smartest one for you personally, being fascinating in her own right.

Without any doubt, while this approach has its value, it requires challenges. A flirting style predicts relationship success, so you should be responsible and respectful. Having hobbies and being excited about your own life could be helpful. One of the effective strategies to make a woman interested in your inner world might be an honest appraisal of what you have achieved and where you are failing short. It is a great opportunity to figure out if you have something in common, if you both like the same kind of music or are keen on travelling, for instance.

Being an active listener is another way to make your date fabulous. All people want to be listened to. Express your enthusiasm. Ask questions. Actually, it sounds simple. Do not dominate the conversation. After she finishes, summarize what she has just said and use her name while you talk. This helps to show that you are giving her your personal attention, getting to know her better.

Moreover, you need to be innovative to stand out amongst others. Consider different creative and original options. Instead of a restaurant, try to suggest something extraordinary, attend an exhibition or get her a little surprise, setting up your date on the roof.

It goes without saying respect is believed to be a cornerstone of building a solid relationship. Would you like to be accepted as you are? I’m sure your answer is yes. For that reason, do your best to be understanding, polite and nonjudgmental.

To sum up, we care more about what our soulmate thinks of our brains than our body. It is still breathtaking to watch people bring appreciation and kindness to the world, allowing the light of love to shine through their eyes so that the beauty of their soul can come forth.