Slavic ladies and especially Ukrainian girls are well known around the world. The rumour has it that Ukrainian ladies are natural beauties, love taking care of their appearance, dress to impress and still have traditional family values and are immune to emancipation.

There are lots of articles and videos in the Internet with useful and sometimes harmful dating tips that claim to show you how to date a Ukrainian girl. Pretty often such dating tips are provided by gentlemen who have already succeeded or at least who have tried to figure out how to date a Ukrainian girl.

Sometimes such articles describe negative experience of the author: he was scammed; she turned out to be not as beautiful as her photos; she lied to him, etc. Some stories a truly heart breaking and scary. Other can make you laugh for hours. Some of the stories are truly bitter sweet.

Sometimes Ukrainian ladies themselves at their YouTube channels share secrets how to date a Ukrainian girl.

As a professional matchmaker with 10 years of experience I can assure you that every male client of mine names beauty as one of the main reasons why he has decided to look for his best half in Ukraine.

Not so long ago I have run into the Globalseducer blog where the gentleman claimed that it was almost impossible to meet a lady in Kiev, Ukraine wearing sneakers and not high heels. 

I can’t disagree with him. My second biggest passion is traveling. I often travel to attend matchmaking and coaching conferences, sometimes I travel to meet clients and I try to manage some traveling for fun every year as well. Every time I am in Germany I feel surprised that there are so many tall, athletic nicely dressed guys and very few really hot women. Everyone has heard of Heidi Klum or Claudia Schiffer. I am sure nobody would doubt their beauty. But when you walk the streets of Berlin or Munich you don’t see women like that. Of course not every man in Germany looks like Til Schweiger either, but as a professional matchmaker and a woman I can assure you that there are plenty of male eye candies in the streets of German cities.

In Ukraine people often joke that German men have chosen good cars and had to get stuck with German women while Ukrainian and Russian men got beautiful seductive Slavic ladies and local cars of really poor quality.

So how to date a Ukrainian girl if beauty and looks play such a huge role for her? I am sure you have heard rumours that there are many beautiful girls in Ukraine and not enough men. This brings us to a very important conclusion: competition among ladies in Ukraine is really tough. Does it push Ukrainian ladies to bring their game on and to look their best? Yes, it does. So how to date a Ukrainian girl? How to get her attention? The first simple rule is to make her feel special, to show her that for you she is the most beautiful and wonderful girl. But be very careful with showing her that she really stands out for you. She shouldn’t get a feeling that you try to compare her to other ladies. The trick is to make her feel that she is truly the one and you really don’t notice other ladies around.

How to date a Ukrainian girl? Be the gentleman, show her that you are ready to be a leader in relationship, that you have serious intention and you truly believe that SHE is the one.