Last week I have spent several hours on Facebook spying at my ex-clients. There was nothing criminal in my activities. To be honest I wanted to find out when were the birthdays of my ex clients. I am not very good with the dates but I remembered that the ladies have their birthdays at the end of August.

One of the girls really had her birthday on that day and I have written her a message. Then the pictures at her Facebook page caught my attention.  Her beautiful daughter with a ponytail was smiling to her mom. There was another picture of her Swedish husband, her daughter and our beautiful Ukrainian girl. I remember this couple perfectly well. I remember how this girl was choosing the photos for her profile. I remember how we were making a video for her and now here she is, hugging her husband and smiling daughter.

Her husband is almost 20 years older than she is. He is well educated, successful professionally and financially and handsome. He works out and eats healthy. From his current photos you can easily tell that he is in love and happy. He has a beautiful younger Ukrainian wife and a little daughter.

My female client is in her early 30th now. She looks much younger though. People often joke that there is something in the air and water in Ukraine that makes our Ukrainian ladies keep the beauty till they turn 100 years old and sometimes even longer. I was looking at the picture of this ex client of mine and one of my new managers came to ask something. She gave a quick look at my computer screen and said “what a beautiful couple. Do you know them”?

I have started to think what do people think when they look at the couple with the age difference. Most of my team that didn’t personally know these clients of mine has claimed that they look like a Hollywood couple: older well-off gentleman with a younger wife and a little daughter. She must be a perfect housewife that looks hot even when she takes a child for a walk and he wears a suit and tie when he goes to the office to solve some important problems. This does look like a perfect picture, doesn’t it?

Or another recent couple created by He is a handsome never married gentleman in his early 50th from USA and she is a divorced beautiful brunette in her late 30th. When they are together she looks even younger and prettier and all the gentlemen around obviously envy her partner.

But does it always work this way?

Several years ago my former partners have asked me to take their male client because unfortunately that company didn’t have the right lady in their base. I have trusted that company so I have agreed to help. They have emailed me his profile that included several photos of the handsome gentleman in his early 60th and brief information about him.

The company has ensured me that they have conducted all the necessary interviews and don’t want to irritate the client with extra interviews. They have told me it is already a huge stress for the client to change the matchmaking company. I wish I got more suspicious then but I loved people and still love them so I have agreed.

I have exchanged several emails with my new male client and we have agreed on the type of the woman he wanted to meet. He was interested in younger ladies who are active, have interesting creative hobbies and are full of life. He said in his emails that sport is a huge part of his life and he loves dancing. He claimed he wanted to date someone in their 30th, but I have told him from the start that we don’t do introductions with such a huge age difference. I have suggested him to look at the ladies in their 40th, especially after he told me he didn’t want to have more children.

I have interviewed several beautiful Ukrainian ladies in their 40th and have decided that 3 ladies could be a great match: a beautiful 45 years old belly-dancing instructor,  a 44 years old divorced accountant, who is fond of yoga and has just returned from the trip with a yoga group in India, and a teacher of music who is fond of kayaking and Latino dancing.

I have decided to personally meet my new male client at the airport. To make the story short I didn’t recognize him. I have waited for 30 minutes but couldn’t spot the handsome gentleman with thick grey hair from the photos. Then an average looking grandpa has started to slowly walk my way. I thought he wanted to ask something. Then he told me his name and I have slowly started to realize that this was my new client.

I have carried his suitcase to the car because I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to make it. I gave him the ride to the hotel and he has fallen asleep during this 30 minutes drive.

In my head I have already written a huge email to my partners asking “why did they do it to me”.

Right before we have reached the hotel the gentleman has woken up and told me he would like to see the first lady the same day. I have told him that I would recommend him to have some rest before the date after such a long flight. Perhaps he is just tired? Maybe he will catch some sleep and everything won’t be so scary? He has insisted but we have planned and approved the dates beforehand so it was not possible to make any changes at that moment.

The next day I have met the gentleman in the hotel and he has complained that his back doesn’t feel well and he couldn’t pee. I have started to panic and have called my partners again. I wanted all of us to be at the same page. My partners and the gentleman couldn’t see any problems. He was ready to date with the ladies we have approved by email. We have signed the papers beforehand so I had to deliver him the dates. I already knew the reaction of my female clients.

I had no choice and I have taken the gentleman to the first date with the belly-dancing instructor. I drove him myself and I was ready to see the face of my female client. She has invited him to her belly-dancing studio and has prepared the performance with her pupils for the gentleman I have showed her at the picture.

The performance was great. Everyone has enjoyed it. The lady has even tried to teach him several moves but he has started to cough and I have suggested taking him back to the hotel.

I have apologized to the lady and to my big surprise she took the entire situation with a smile. Several months after I have matched her with a 60 years old client of mine who was a professional tango instructor at that moment and before retirement was in the military.

Of course the second and the third date of that gentleman has failed.

That grandpa had the temper! He was rude with everyone from my staff, except for myself. He didn’t like the service in Ukraine. At the airport they didn’t provide him with the wheelchair so he had to walk through the airport. At the hotel the stairs at the restaurant were too high. He didn’t like the excursion around the city, which we have organized for him for free. He didn’t like the food in the best restaurants in the city and all the time he has complained that he couldn’t pee. At the last day of his stay in Kharkov he has asked if I find him handsome and if I would go out on a date with him.

I saw him off to the airport, carried his suitcase and have listened to his complains that I don’t know how to do my job and I am the matchmaker number 9 who doesn’t know how  to work with clients, but still I am the best from the worst. He has left me 9 dollars and a gum as a tip and the airport employee has helped him to climb the stairs.

That situation has taught me 4 things:

  1. To choose my partners carefully
  2. Never to change the rules at
  3. To listen to my intuition
  4. To avoid men who complain all the time that they can’t pee.

Dear gentleman it is not a crime to be attracted to a younger lady. If you can give her love, care and the feeling of security, including financial security (let’s be honest if you can’t provide for the family, perhaps she won’t invest her love, care and youth into you) then you will be rewarded with mutual love, care, passion and admiration. A client of mine whose husband is 16 years older has told me that most of all about their age difference she likes the fact that even though she is 40 years old he thinks she is his “baby girl” and she feels sexy and wanted next to him. She said that she doesn’t feel the 16 years old difference, but she likes the fact that her husband can teach her not only how to install skype to her phone or to drive a car, but also how to avoid mistakes in relationship that he had in his previous marriage. Last photos that she has posted on Facebook where taken during the hiking trip of her husband, his eldest son, the lady’s son and herself.

I wish you strong mutual love of the beautiful mature sexy Ukrainian lady by your side and no problems at the toilet!)

From Svetlana Mukha, with love!