Having relationship with a girl, who is younger than you, is quite a controversial issue. Although it is believed that a good marriage is the one in which a man is about five years older than a woman, it happens so, that Cupid does not care about the age and makes so that you fall in love with a girl much younger than you. Will such a union bring you anything good and how to behave if your girlfriend is much younger? Continue reading and you will know.

If we look at this issue impartially, we will see that there is a number of advantages in the relationship where a man is much older than a woman, since he gets respect, obedience, the energy of youth and new emotions from a younger woman, who, in her turn, gets experience, someone worth respect, good material support, wider opportunities and, which is also important, sexual experience from her older partner. Still the age difference means that you have different world outlook, which can ruin any relationship. Therefore you should follow several rules, when you date young Ukrainian girls.  

  1. A man must dominate in such relationship. Frankly speaking, this rule is suitable for any couples, but if you want to date young Ukrainian girls, it is a must. Why? That is because any relationship develops more favorably when both a man and a woman reveal their strengths. In our case, a man is wise enough and has life experience, which will make a woman accept his point of view easily and follow his instructions. However, being “the boss”, remember that your rule will work only if you respect your girl’s point of view and will not dictate her. If you want her to do the way you like, give her reasonable explanations, which will convince her to change her opinion.
  2. When you date young Ukrainian girls, you must forget about jealousy, which is usually the sign of weakness. Were you 20 years old, people would understand you, but being a serious grown-up man, means that you know how to make the girl stay beside you. Otherwise the scenes of jealousy will not help you. They will destroy your image of a strong and self-assured man as well as the whole attractiveness of your relationship.
  3. When you date young Ukrainian girls, you must take their interests with respect. It will be a typical mistake to laugh at her hobbies. Being 20, girls are in search of themselves, so it is typical of them to change their image twice a day, go to an all-night-long party, collect some strange things like teddy bears, grow flowers at home or do sports three times a day every day. And this is a short list of what girls of such age do, while a grown up man, who has already found his way in life can find this silly. If you demonstrate this, you will make a foolish mistake and the girl will not see you as a wise person who can understand her.
  4. If you date a young Ukrainian girl, you must be her lover, not mentor. Do not forget that you are her sexual partner in the first place, not an instructor. If you decide to teach her all the time on any occasion, she will see you as a bore, not as someone, who can give her a good piece of advice.  
  5. Your sexual role with the girl, who is younger than you, is: leading altruist. Being more experienced you can both give and get pleasure. So, when you date young Ukrainian girls, you must be the one, who will be the leader in sex. You will be the one, who sets the pace, while the woman will obey. Usually, such assigning of roles is convenient for everyone.
  6. It is quite understandable that when you are in a relationship with a woman, you want to be a part of her life and know who she communicates with, as well as introduce her to your friends. Still, when you date young Ukrainian girls, you must believe that neither you will feel comfortable among a group of noisy and always-partying twenty-year-olds, nor your young partner will enjoy a quiet evening in the company of serious men discussing serious topics. Is there any way out? Yes. The best thing is to find a new company, where there will be people of different ages.
  7. Self-irony is a good idea, however if you date young Ukrainian girls, try not to make a stress on your age, or it will be clear that you feel really uneasy about your age difference.
  8. Finally, there is one thing you must never do when you date young Ukrainian girls. It will be an awful mistake to try to become younger. What do I mean by this? If you try to copy the youth style in clothes or behave as if you are a young boy, you will look ridiculous. The only thing that will make you younger is sport and healthy food, which will improve your shape. Your biological age is not written on your face, while extra kilos on your belly and being unwieldy show it well.