Unfortunately, love is not always mutual.

So what should you do if the girl does not love you back?

Frankly speaking, there are only three ways of behavior if she doesn’t love you back. Let us take a look at them together.

  • Let her go.  Of course, you must understand that doing so, you must not expect that people will notice and appreciate it. If the girl already has relationship with another man, or she has said that she doesn’t love you, it is better not to try to build your own happiness making other people unhappy.

Do you think you can do it? Then you will have to get used to the thought that the woman you love will be happy, but not with you. If you cannot do this, you are unlikely to be in love. What you feel right now is passion or affection, which will not last long.

You could try to change for the girl, follow her everywhere to be beside her, but this does not guarantee that she will fall in love with you. Just think for a moment, maybe there is something that you do not see. It is possible, that you are just not a match for each other and the girl sees it as she doesn’t love you, she is not blinded with feelings and can see the situation clearly.

The lack of common interests, different style of life, etc. is not noticeable when a person is in love. So, even if you are sure that you could make an ideal couple, you should not try to persuade the girl that you are right.

They say that unrequited love is not love at all. It is just a stage of life, which you have to go through. Having overcome refusal, pain and soul tortures, you will understand that it was a good experience, which helped you to understand yourself and change. It is then that you will let the past go, and open your heart to a new feeling, which will hopefully be love.

  • Fight for her. Sometimes the girl refuses to be with you not because she doesn’t love you. It could happen because she cannot make sense of her own feelings or is not sure that yours are true. Maybe the girl is not ready for any relationship at exactly this moment because of her previous experience, or because she has had none. How can you get her interested in you?

Frankly speaking, not many men know how to woo a woman. It all is limited with texting and walking along the street. If you want to impress a girl, you must do something extraordinary: make her an unexpected compliment or present, recite poems or even write (not type or text) a letter. Every girl wants to meet a real man, who will fight for what he wants, keep his word and is not afraid of difficulties.

However, if the girl you love already has relationship, you should not be in the way of her happiness. Ruining her couple, you are unlikely to win her heart and will hardly gain yourself a reputation of being a real man.

Remember, you can win or breed love, but you cannot make it out of nothing. Still, it will be easier to understand that you have done everything that is possible before letting the girl go.

  • Sort yourself out. It is not necessary to start self-analysis or think that you are the reason why she doesn’t love you back. I hope you remember, that sometimes people are just not made for each other, but this does not mean that either of them  is doing something wrong. It is important not to disassociate or avoid communicating with women at all. Maybe, what one girl did not appreciate will be absolutely loved by others.

However, if your beloved tells you the reason for her refusal, which is your partying way of life or your being ladies’ man, who she cannot trust, you should think carefully. Maybe the girl does not know you well enough to start any relationship… It is within your power to change that. It is quite a time-consuming process, but if you have serious intentions, time must not be your problem. In case you do not want to waste your time and efforts, as well as give in and change yourself for the girl, she is just not your person.