How To Deal With A Stubborn Partner In A Relationship

Dealing with stubborness can be challenging and even frustrating whether it is your relative, mother or girlfriend. So, how to deal with a stubborn person in a relationship without ripping hair out? Stubborn people hate to be wrong, admitting that they had a mistake equals to a heart attack, they are very sensitive, you will find answers on how to deal with them in our article.

  1. Make a person feel good, give a sign of appreciation. If you don`t agree with something, don`t be abrupt. For example, she might not like some of your friends saying: “ I don`t want to see Mike again, he has been rude to me”. Instead of having a fight you may say: “Yeah, I have noticed his weird behavior, but I think it is due to a stressful day at work, nothing personal, I understand you got offended a bit, but we should give him another chance, I will speak to him”. Or if your girlfriend only wants to go to Italian restaurant to eat pasta every day and doesn`t get tired of it. You can say the next time she persists on visiting the same place to eat: “ I know you love Italian food so much, I do to, but let`s visit another place for a change, I am sure you will like it”. Maybe she wants you to move to another country, share your opinion and if you see there are not so many benefits for both of you, convince that it is not a good idea in a polite way or offer an alternative.
  2. How to handle a stubborn girlfriend? A lot easier than you think. Sometimes she behaves like this simply because she is afraid of unknown, maybe she has never done this before. Let`s come back to an example of moving to another city. Maybe she has just downloaded pictures of Toronto city in Canada and desperately wants to go there right now not thinking about consequences in the future. You may explain: “ I really like the idea too, I have read about Toronto, it is really beautiful city, but there are few circumstances, I have a really good job here which I won`t be able to find in such a big city with the same salary, you are still studying, so it is more rational to finish studies first and then we can consider this possibility again. What do you think?”
  3. Find compromises. It is not healthy to agree with everything your partner demands. If you give in again and again, there is no balance and soon you will suffer from it.
  4. How to deal with stubborn woman? In order not to create arguments, you should find solutions if you agree to deal with this type of nature and you love this person. Be smart and make her think that she is the one who made a certain decision.
  5. How to deal with a stubborn wife? If you chose to be with a lady who has a strong character and always stands her ground, you should learn how to handle emotions, don`t let them take control over you. Remember, the more you outburst negative emotions, there are less chances for you to find a compromise. The last thing such person wants to hear is the truth, they don`t want to admit that they are stubborn. If you took a decision to get married, it means you are compatible in many things, but there is something you should deal with. Try to see the things from her perspective, maybe she just needs more attention. Try to spend quality time together, communicate and be open in order not to turn a minor misunderstanding into a huge problem. Knowing the roots of the issue is important.

Two stubborn people in relationship is impossible to coexist in the same space, where each person has his own rules and regulations not willing to compromise at all. Such relationship is unlikely to survive. Imagine you have a possessive partner who doesn`t want to see any friends or family of yours and says : “Choose either me or your friends”. It is definitely unhealthy and is not going to work long term.

How to stop being stubborn in a relationship? While dealing with other people it might be difficult, but when it is yourself, it may be even more difficult. An important question you have to ask yourself is why do you behave like that? When you insist on something without any valid reason, you leave a partner two choices: either to comply or oppose. Do you want to create an argument to keep a spark between you? There are other healthy ways of doing this: have a romantic dinner together, make an unexpected surprise for a woman, try some experiments in your intimate life, organize a date night with your significant one. Or do you just want her to agree with you? It is unhealthy pattern too. You should see the difference between being strong-willed and mule headed. Develop the ability to see a bigger picture, you always win in arguments, your partner always agrees with you just to avoid fights. But is it going to help to build trust and mutual understanding? Think what you want to achieve in relationship: to be always right or to have happy balanced intimate connection between you two? One of my female friends married a guy, who just accepted her being stubborn. When you observe this couple, you feel so much maturity. He has learnt to handle it in such an innocent way, showing her love and respect. I cannot help admiring them and she feels like a happy woman. He doesn`t just blindly agrees with everything she says, he constructively explains the pros and cons and she cannot help making the right decision, thinking she came up with this idea by herself. He says: “If it makes my woman happy and she shines, I will give her this chance, because I love her”. And they have been really happy together for many years.