When you are in international relationship, you should know and understand traditions and customs of your partner`s culture. In other way, there is a big chance to interpret her words and actions in a wrong way.

Foreigners often blaim Slavic girls in materialistic intentions. If we look at the situation deeper we will see that it`s not like that. For example, Slavic girl will never pay on a date with a man. After a date, especially after a not successful one a man usually jumps into conclusion that a Slavic girl agreed to go on a date with him to eat in a good restaurant. A man just has no idea that the dress she bought specially for the date with him cost her more than he paid for dinner. It`s not in Ukrainian culture for women to pay on a date. Slavic women aren`t used to it.  In Ukrainian culture, it is considered rude to offer money to a man on a date. He might feel offended. When you deal with different nationality, it will always bring some misunderstandings. That`s why don`t make any hasty conclusions about a lady from another country and culture.

Of course, you can meet a Slavic girl who pursues materialistic aims as well as you can meet American or German women with such intentions. It doesn`t depend on country but on person. So let`s not define all the Slavic girls as materialistic ladies.

 There are some tips for you how to find out that a woman has materialistic intentions:

  • Her attitude to you. If she only communicates with you to ask for something, it will mean she is not interested in you as a person but more in your wallet. If a Slavic girl shows you her care and love day by day and just once in a while asks for your help with something, it won`t be the reason to think bad about her. It is normal when you give and receive in relationship. It`s actually how it works.
  • Inappropriate questions. On the first date her questions to you are all about money. For example: “How much do you earn? How much savings do you have? How fancy your house/car is?” All these kind of questions are inappropriate on the first date and in the beginning of relationship in general.
  • At the restaurant. On a date with you, she wants to order the most expensive dishes and drinks and she is only chowing while you are talking. It shows that she is not that into you or she is just super hungry. J
  • Travelling. You are in a long-distance relationship and she wants to meet with you only on exotic islands at the hotels 5*. When you are in love it won`t  matter where to meet your beloved one. The main reason is to see your beloved and spend together as much time as possible. I guess you will agree with me.
  • Only receiving. She never does something nice for you. She doesn`t give you any gifts. She never makes little surprises for you. She takes your gifts for granted. I have a bad news for you. In this case, she is definitely materialistic.

May your relationship be full of love and strong deep feelings. I wish there weren`t place for nasty materialistic thoughts in your relationship.