How to Dress on a Second Date

There is no doubt that most serious relationships start with a successful first night out with a girl. However, the second meeting is not less important. Therefore, if you want to build on a good impression think carefully about what to wear on a second date since, as we remember, appearance matters.

A quick reminder: whatever style you choose, remember every bit of your clothing must be smart, ironed, and clean. And secondly, the scenario of this evening thought-over beforehand will help to understand how to dress on a date. In order to help our readers, we have chosen the most widespread types of spending an evening with a beautiful lady and offer some cute outfits for dates you may use.

An outdoor meeting.

Dress on a Date

Finding a person, who has not had romantic walks in a park is absolutely impossible. Why? That is because it’s the cheapest way to spend some time with a girl you like. What is more, a walk under the night street lights seems magic and unforgettable, while a picnic in the park is one of the best ideas to know each other better.

The best choice to make such an event successful is wearing practical casual clothes. Having doubts about where exactly the action might be, do not put on light trousers, pick out dark jeans and a light T-shirt instead. Even if it is not too cold in the daytime, it is better to take a jumper with you. In case it gets cool when the sun goes down, you will have a chance to behave like a gentleman and warm your lady. Speaking of the shoes, loafers or sneakers are exactly what is needed.

Going to a café.

It is very likely that your first rendezvous took place in a posh restaurant, and your style of dressing was quite formal; therefore, choosing your next dinner date dress code think of being more casual.

Of course, it is desirable not to get too sporty. Just add a bit of formality and put on a casual shirt and jacket or blazer instead of a T-shirt and sweater. The shoes must be classical or, considering the trends of today, you could select good classical white sneakers.

Dressed like this, you can even go to a night-club without any hesitation.

A chic restaurant night out.

In case you decided to organize a luxurious second meeting with a lady, think of more serious outfits for a dinner date. You must have at least one classical suit, a light shirt and classical shoes in store. Do not forget about matching accessories like a tie, cuff links, a watch, and a pocket square to make your image complete.

Cinema fun.

How to Dress on a Date

Any outfits for a movie date are quite simple – the more comfortable, the better. Choosing suitable clothes for going to the cinema try something comfortable as you will have to spend a long time sitting. So, jeans and a T-shirt, as well as casual trousers and a shirt, are all right.

Extra ideas.

  • Do not put on either black clothes or too colorful ones. Navy-blue, beige, brown, white is recommended. While it is desirable to stay away from black, orange, bright green, or red.
  • Do not put on clothes which you have just bought without being 100% sure they fit you well; your shoes may be pinching, or the label on your new shirt can make your neck itchy. Do you really need such distractors?

As you see, there is nothing difficult about choosing your style. So, go through our advice and you will make the best of it.

Valeria Matskevich With love