Going on a date with a girl, you must be all armed, meaning that you know exactly how the date will go. Where will you take the girl? What will you say when you meet her? Where you will end a date and how.

In our previous articles, we have told you about the right ways to start a date and how to make it a success. However, what will you do if, in spite of all our advice, your date was not a success? You did not manage to make the impression you wanted to, but still want a chance to prove yourself. A bad date is more difficult to finish in an appropriate way. And the way you will end a date depends on the circumstances, the way your date has gone, whether you liked the girl. Let us look at several examples of a bad date and the way to finish them.

The first situation we are going to discuss is quite a widespread one. That is when one of two dating people (either you or the girl) understands that the other one is not what he/she is looking for. It happens very often. Before meeting a girl, you cannot make a clear opinion and impressions about each other. That is why we often go on a date expecting one thing and getting something different. A girl has made a portrait of you, but when you met and started a conversation, she understood that you are not the one she was going to meet. In such a case, either you or the girl show no interest to the person you are dating.

Your meeting is becoming boring; communication is forced, meaning that it is high time you finish this torture. If you feel that you do not like the girl, or she is not the one you have expected to meet, you have to do the following depending on what she feels:

  1. If you understand that you do not like the girl and she is not into you either, it is appropriate to say something like “Well, we both tried hard, but nothing works out. Never mind it. Let us at least enjoy this food and drinks.” Then wish good luck to each other and end a date.  
  2. If you feel that the girl likes you, while you do not like her, you have to be more careful and caring towards her. Not to offend the girl, explain that she is not the reason, why not everything has gone the way you have both planned, say that she is a great woman and a person, but she is just not your type. (Of course, hearing something like “Everything is fantastic, you are marvelous, but not my type” is the last thing anyone wants to hear at the date. Still it is much better to end a date like this, rather than one of the partners runs a way without making any explanations.)
  3. What if you liked the girl, but she seems to be not interested in you? Then think about the following – if you were natural, did not pretend and behaved like real you and she did not like you, it means that you are not her type and you should not try to continue attempts to impress the girl. If, having analyzed your behavior, you understand that you have done something wrong, and you are, actually a different person than you have showed to be at this date, ask her for the second chance. Say that you better than it could seem at this date and ask for an opportunity to prove it. And at the second date, do whatever it takes you to be natural and sincere.   

It is very important not to pretend to be someone else, if the girl did not like real you because you will not be able to pretend all your life. Moreover, why do you need it? Do you want her to like unreal you? Someone else than you?  

Asking for the second chance is good only when you understand that you have failed. It often happens so that a man thinks that a woman is really nice and try to do anything to make her like him, which can very often be a real mistake. This is when you can ask for a “rematch”.