How To Escape A Bad Date

The first date is always very emotional, important, exciting and stressful at the same time. Both men and women prepare to meet each other for the first time. Meet her without any expectations, avoid thinking the whole night what she is going to say, look and if she likes you at all. It is not an exam, you are not in school or university, there is no need to revise any material before. It is just a pleasant romantic meeting with a girl. It must be exciting. Anything new always brings the whole range of emotions. If you follow simple courtesy rules, nothing can go wrong.

If you follow these easy steps, your first date cannot be bad:

  1. Be a gentleman. Buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers, no matter what kind of lady it is, all women love attention and flowers. You can break the ice in such a way and set a positive atmosphere. She is definitely going to be pleased and compliments you on pretty flowers. Open the door, help to put a coat on.
  2. Show that you are interested in her life, hobbies, work and family.
  3. Ask what she would like to eat and drink, so that you know what she prefers and won`t be wrong in choosing dishes for your evening.
  4. Pay for the restaurant. It is an important feature of a real gentleman. In our culture we are used to a man paying for the date. Let a lady be your princess, then she can relax completely and think only about emotions.
  5. Ask if you can see her home, if yes, it means that she would love to spend a little bit more time with you and will appreciate your concern. If not, politely offer to call a taxi and pay for a drive.

If you are going to follow all above recommended, either you continue your relationship with this girl if you both like each other, if not, at least, leave a nice impression.

Let me give you an example of the scenario of a bad case of the dates. Let me tell you a story about a lady who went on a date and something went wrong. She was invited 1 week in advance, so there was plenty of time to prepare. Amy decided to have nails done, hairstyle and make up. She went shopping and bought a gorgeous dress and high-heels. Also she chose amazing jewellery to match a new style. Satisfied with looks, she headed to a restaurant. When she arrived, there was no one there and she started to worry, maybe the time was wrong. But everything was correct, just the guy was late. The mood automatically went down while waiting. He appeared in 15 minutes and asked if she wanted to go to the park instead of sitting in the restaurant. He didn`t even pay attention to the outfit and high heels. The only question she had was how to escape from the date? The situation seemed very tense, he offered to drink champagne, insisting to try one of the best ones. She actually didn`t like champagne at all and upon mentioning it, he didn`t change his mind. He was talking too much and wasn`t asking any questions. She escaped right after the date. No wonder why.

I bet you have thought as well at least once how to escape from a bad date.

There are also some rules to follow. If during the date, it seems like you are two completely different people from the opposite planets, it is not the end of the world. It doesn`t mean, you have to go on the next date, but as well not to run away as fast as possible. It is absolutely normal if two people don`t have compatibility, but it is not polite to leave right away. Don`t tell her in half an hour since you met that you urgently need to visit your friend or a doctor, someone`s wedding or birthday. You should end your meeting in a friendly way.