How To Feel More Confident In Bed?

I am sure that you can hardly find one man, who has not tried to solve the mystery of how to be confident in bed. We all know that sex is cool and a man’s task is not only to catch a woman but also to be able to please her. A modern world is full of information, by watching videos you may get insecure seeing how a man in a perfect shape with six packs pleases a woman in any possible position. But what if you feel shy sometimes and wonder how to have a high lover performance?

It is understandable that a good lover must rise a woman’s desire at any time of day and night, even when they both are tired, got wet in the rain, etc. But nobody said it would be easy.

To begin with, I want to say that every man must know how to be seductive, and if he does not know how to be one, he definitely must learn how to do it and improve his sexual confidence. Is it bugging you? Then take it easy, as women also get lots of advice on this topic.

What you have to remember is that there is a real Don Juan inside every man. Somebody prefers not to notice him being shy, other hides him so deep that he would never show up. You must let your inner Don Juan show himself. To help you do it, I offer several easy ways of how to be sexually confident, which will take some efforts. Still, if you follow them, you are definitely going to notice changes for the better.


  1. Being sincere is the first step. This does not mean that you must tell all your fears to your partner. You could say that you are a bit nervous. This might even charm the girl.
  2. Do not overthink and leave analytical thinking aside, it is not the right time. It is not a mathematical task, you should be focused but not too much. The main thing is relax.
  3. Avoid asking too many questions: “Are you ok? Should I kiss you here? Do you like the way I do things?” No, no, no. Do not bombard her with questions during the process, try and observe the body reaction. You are going to understand if she likes it or not. By interrogating her much, you show your uncertainty. Do something exciting, experiment, touch, smell her, be the “captain of the ship”. Once I was watching a funny movie, which shows how not to do in bed. The main actor had a power to come back in time and change things. So he used it almost in all the spheres of his life, especially the intimate one. So there was an interesting scene, his first intimate interaction with a woman. He was insecure about his abilities, so every time he reversed this scene and made it better and better.

    He was asking question: “Do you want me to do it stronger? Can I switch the position right now or you are still enjoying?” She was annoyed by his questions, so he used his power and returned to the moment to change the behavior. In real life we don`t have such a great power. So it is better to avoid interviewing a girl, it is better to do it later and discuss what you prefer in bed. The first intimacy is always stressful, you still do not know each other, which is absolutely fine. You don`t have to show her a master class on all the positions. I want to share also experience of my female friend with a guy. There was so much chemistry between them on the first two dates, they both couldn`t wait to have intimacy. When they finally happened to be together in the room, he started to give a lecture before the act on what he was going to do to her instead of just doing it. He said: “ First, it is going to be slow, but do not worry I am going to speed up in some time and then……”She was ready to fall asleep before he put it into action. I know, it is a sensitive moment, but it is better to avoid a long talk during the process. Luckily everything turned out to be good and she forgot about an awkward moment in the past.

  4. The next step in getting sexually confident, is to journey within yourself. It is difficult to feel confident with your partner if you do not know what you want yourself. Try to fantasize and understand how comfortable you are in different sex roles. Still it is up to you to decide if you want to implement your fantasies.
  5. If you want to be more sexually confident, you must know enough about the issue. Therefore, to improve your sexual confidence you must learn the basics of women’s anatomy and ask your partner what she likes. To be an ideal lover, you do not have to read minds or make tricks, just care about your partner’s pleasure and do not forget about yours.
  6. The next thing I advise is to undress gradually. When you do things in a rush it is not showing sexual confidence for women. Make some turns in front of the girl. Do you think she is going to be surprised? Believe me, she is going to be busy doing the same thing, trying to show you better parts. What is more, I assure you: if a girl has agreed to have sex with you, she is likely to accept what she will see. Build tension and make her want you more.
  7. Never compare yourself with anyone else. You are unique, there is no need to ask if you are better than her ex in bed.
  8. How to be body confident in bed? You should love your reflection in the mirror, either it is a six packs or just a fit body. Of course, as I have already written, being fit is not a must, still doing physical exercise doesn`t only improve your well-being, but makes you feel more positive. Moreover, if you do sports together with your partner, you both rise the level of endorphins and develop stamina. Being fit improves your self-confidence and your sex life for sure. Be comfortable in your own skin.
  9. Try to be different all the time. Sometimes be self-confident and daring, then gentle and sensitive. There must always be some mystery in you, which your woman wants to uncover; since, if she loses her interest in you, she switches to something more tempting. Still, do not overdo with being different, as the girl might get tired of trying to understand what you really are like and turn to someone more understandable and stable.

Finally, my dear reader, I assure you that when you meet your ONE, you will absolutely forget about the ways to improve your sexual confidence. And if you stay natural, honest, funny and clean, she is going to want you too.