«A lady after 40 is so independent and self-sufficient,

that she has the right to decide how old she is and where her waist is»  

Sophia Loren.

I have decided to take Sophia Loren’s quote as the epigraph to my article because it can make one understand that being  more than thirty is one of the best periods in a woman’s life, which makes her an attractive «target» for a man, seeking for his better half and hoping to be happy in marriage. So, let us try to look at ladies from Ukraine of this wonderful age and see the advantages of having a girlfriend aged after 40.

Among one of the reasons to appreciate ladies from Ukraine of 40 is that she is sensible and will never ask stupid questions and do things like waking you up in the middle of the night and asking what you are thinking about. If a 40-year-old woman does not want to watch any program on TV with you, she will not get on your nerves, saying that you have to change the channel and find something you both can watch. She will find herself an occupation that will be interesting for her and give you some space letting you enjoy your game of football without any quarrels, which is one of the secrets to a happy marriage and healthy relationships. When the game finishes, you will definitely spend time with her being thankful for her understanding.

Another thing you must know about ladies from Ukraine in their 40th is that they have the feeling of self-esteem and will never have a row with you in public, even if they find a reason for that. In case you are guilty, they will quietly add some poison to your food, or just kill you, if they think they can get away with this.

The next advantage of dating a 40-year-old lady from Ukraine is that you will never feel lack of praise, sometimes even undeserved. Being an experienced lady, she has faced a lot in her life and knows that praise is something that makes another person feel high, and the absence of praise hurts.

A 40-year-old lady from Ukraine will never hesitate to introduce you to her friends, while a younger girl may be thinking that it is better to keep her man «beside» and «in ignorance» because no one knows how you will behave if you meet her beautiful friends. An older woman has had a school of life with her friends, she trusts them, and she is sure that even if you find them attractive they will never betray her.

The next advantage of dating a ladies from Ukraine can be arguable, but still, a woman who has seen a lot in her life understands you without any words. And if you come home without a wish to talk because you are tired or have some problems at work, she will never try to make you tell her what has happened, she already knows it. She will just do her best for you to feel comfortable and wait…

One may think that a younger girl has a more beautiful face and body. But I assure you that a lady from Ukraine who is older looks after herself like no one else in the world; and if you try not to notice a couple of wrinkles here and there, you will surely see that a 40-year-old woman is much more sexier than many younger girls.

And finally, a woman of this age will never lie to you. She is honest and sincere. She will always tell you what she thinks in the face. So you will always know about her feelings and opinions.

I hope, that next time you think of whether to date a lady from Ukraine after 40 or not, you will remember my article and will give your possible relationships a chance, because women after 40 are adorable and like everyone else they deserve to love, and to be loved back since they know where to find a recipe for a happy marriage.