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Hello my dear readers! If you are reading this article, I can be sure that some of you have tried to get acquainted with a girl in hope to find a girlfriend but have been fluffed off. I want to tell you that it is not the reason to give up trying. I advise you to accept such happenings as a chance to develop yourself and you will gradually forget the question “How can I find myself a girlfriend?” I am sure that it is possible to score with any girl, but you just need to know what to do. That is why, in this article you will find some tips which always work and will help you find a girlfriend easily.

Some of you may say that not every girl is easy to start talking to, let alone asking her for a date. However, I can assure you that it is just a game that they play. It is always interesting for them to be conquered. Sometimes they are just afraid. Still you are a new man for them and if they see something strange (according to their opinion), or some hesitation, they may not want to talk to you. But, what you must remember is that there are no women who are not possible to reach, and to reach them you must know some secrets, which I am ready to share with you.

Secret 1. Self-confidence.

If you have seen a girl you would like to talk to, come up to her, and stand stooping your shoulders, stammering something, do you think she will agree to go on a date with you? Of course not. If you want to find yourself a girlfriend and get the girl interested in you, you must be self- confident like James Bond or some other tough guy from movies. You must be as hard as a rock to make her heart melt. However, you must keep balance, do not get too impudent. If you come up to the girl and ask her “Where would you like to spend the night – at my place or yours?” – she will definitely give you the fluff. So remember, you must be self-assured and calm.

Secret 2. Being able to get her interested.

Here it is very important to remember that you have got  only a few minutes for that. That is why do not think you will “win” her with some clichés. It will be good to start your acquaintance with some unusual question that she does not expect. Even if she does not answer it aloud, she will surely do this inwardly, which means that you have caught her attention. The most important thing now is to keep her interest awake, which is possible if you turn on your imagination, knowledge and good sense of humour.   

Secret 3. Successfulness.

Whatever you may think about women, it is not a secret that they like men who are successful and you have to accept that fact. It is not because they are bad, but instinctively, when a strange handsome man comes up to them, they start imagining what their children will be like, which education they will get and so on. You must use it and show women your prosperity. A car could be of great help here. If you do not have a car, it is high time to think at least about hiring one. Imagine how you appear, what you say and where you go with your girl, and this will give you more confidence.

Secret 4. Nifty looks.

Women are very concerned about every small thing and, as the saying states, they love with their eyes. That is why they immediately notice even a single wrinkle on your trousers or greasy hair. Look after yourself and then every girl will happily give her heart to you. You must find your own style and look modern, elegant and classy. Do not miss out on perfume because ladies adore when men use expensive perfume.

Secret 5. Attentiveness.

If you want to win a girl’s heart and finally find a girlfriend, you must discover something special about her and make a stress on it. Let her understand that you see her personality. If you have a chance to find out what your “prey” likes and what her interests are, you will “accidentally” ask her out to the concert of her favourite group, or recite a couple of lines from her favourite book, which will be a good reason to start communication. She must want to get to know you.

And finally, I want you to remember that every minute detail like your look, touch or gesture is important, but first of all be sure that “clothes make a man” for women and the classier you look, the more self-confident you are, the more chances to win a woman’s heart you have.