How to get a girlfriend

Men have one common weakness – women … But why do some men, seemingly ordinary and not gifted by nature, constantly enjoy the attention, and for others, seemingly smart, pleasant, and generally successful fellows, things are not going as well as they would prefer. One wants to see a new GF next to him every day, while the other desires to track down and conquer their destiny. If you desire to learn how to find a girlfriend become one of these lucky guys, read find out.

I wish the recipe of where to find a girlfriend sounded like this: gather 20 happy tears, the lady you adore drops, mix them with unicorn milk, wait for the full moon and drink the magic potion at the crossroads. Then you will meet your destiny.

However, in my opinion, the following tips for getting a girlfriend are much simpler and more effective 😉 The only trouble is that you will have to work a bit to win your perfect lady.

  1. Although it may sound trite, be yourself. Remember who you like best: people who “dress up” and pretend to be someone else or those who behave naturally? So, if you, my dear reader, want a girlfriend, avoid wearing any masks and show what you really are like.
  2. How do you get a girlfriend? Be sincere and simple. But it does not mean you need to say everything that comes to mind. Just don’t cheat, even in small things. Tell about what you appreciate in the lady (you could slightly exaggerate, however). But never focus on flaws.
  3. Be positive, you don’t need to burden the girl with your problems. Discover a positive side in any situation. In human relations, contrary to the laws of physics, plus attracts plus.
  4. Still ask yourself “How can I get a girlfriend?” The answer is simple: be energetic. Women love sports – it’s an axiom.
  5. To seduce a girl, learn to listen, and most importantly, to hear. There is even a special technique called empathic listening. You listen to 80% of the information and say only 20%. As the teachers taught us at school: “We have two ears to listen, and only one tongue to speak!”
  6. Try to understand the girl first. Learn what she really desires. What does she enjoy doing? What is important and what makes her happy? What worries? Whom does she love? To do this it is better to use “open-ended” questions. Those to which there is no monosyllabic answer – yes or no. However, don’t ask too difficult ones. It should be a sincere interest, not an interrogation. It is even possible after receiving the answers, you will not want to “fall in love” with her further.
  7. Discover something in common. Hobbies, interests, favorite pastimes. In fact, we are all alike. After you get to know each other, you could ask her to teach you what she is good at. You might even say all your life you have dreamt to learn to cook borscht or dance salsa, and finally met a person to teach you this. Do not be afraid to seem weak and incompetent in some matter in which she is an ace. Here, your vulnerable position will play into your hands.
  8. Tell the lass about your plans for the future, your goals in life. Yes, you must definitely have goals! Note: ladies prefer men who know what they want and are confident. But on the first date, you don’t need to discuss your future plans with her.
  9. Express your feelings. Attention, carefully! Not all women are ready for passionate confessions and speeches. Let her know she attracts you as a woman. But you, as a self-sufficient person, will in no case run after her, stalk, throw tantrums, etc. To charm a lass, uncover your emotions. Say you love spending time together, that she makes you feel fun and you enjoy communicating with her. Also, do not immediately shower the lady with gifts and flowers. Gifts mustn’t be an advance payment for attention, they have to make some sense.
  10. The last idea of how to get a girlfriend is to become good friends with the lass. Yes, do you hope to spend a long and happy life together? This means the relationship should initially be built on trust and respect. Better to say so: “Let’s be friends.” And she will be 100% interested in taking your friendship to a different level of relationships!

Finally, you might also wonder what the best place to find a girlfriend is. The answer might seem strange, sill it does not matter where to look for your love. Even if you look at the girls in the underground or in a café and one of them smiles at you and hold eye contact with you, don’t be shy, and take a step towards your destiny. She might be the ONE!

Valeria Matskevich With Love.