Anyone can get into friend zone sooner or later. That is why in this article we are going to discuss how to get out of friend zone, if you have got into it.

In one of our articles we have already told you about what a friend zone is, so you can use some information from it to help you as well.

Before trying to find the way to get out of friend zone let us analyze the whole situation.

Supposing you have met a beautiful girl. You have had a couple of dates and offered her to start another level relationship, but she answered the usual “I am not ready for that” or something similar. You may have even been a “couple” for some time and ended up hearing “Let’s stay friends”.

What could be the reason? It is most likely that the girl is simply not interested in you, or she expected something from you which you had not given to her. Or she had some use from your relationship, like money or other, and she does not want closer relationship because she has a lot of admirers whom she likes more.  

Theoretically, you can get out of friend zone, but not always. There are several variants which can help you make a few steps to get out of friend zone. We will look at them now, but you must know that everything depends only on you.

Disappear for some time. While you were all the time next to her, she got used to your being beside. And if you suddenly disappear, she may feel interest or even a “burst of love” to what is now missing.

However, it is not that easy. Before disappearing, you must do something that will bring her positive emotions or even intrigue HER. When you leave, take a pause and do not answer her calls or messages, try not to meet with her.

The length of the period of disappearance can be quite different. However, it is important to catch the moment when she will miss you but will not have the time to forget. Depending on the situation it could be 3-7 days.  

Change your attitude to her since “your admiring behavior” is often the reason you get into friend zone.  And every minute detail is important, even the topics you discuss. You must become “colder”, do not impose yourself on her, create more mystery around you, and let her think that she needs you more that you need her. Remember, if you manage to raise emotions in the girl, you can reach a lot of things.

Create a competition. Let her make some moves to win you. I want to tell that competition between women is a very interesting and exciting thing. However it is very dangerous if you are already in relationship. The idea is very simple: you give her hope for a more serious relationship, but communicate with other girls (no matter if they are beautiful or not), flirt with them; go for a walk, etc. It will be good if she knows these girls too. In a couple of days, it is very likely that she will call you and ask where you have disappeared or just talk about something on the phone. And finally she will look at you from the different point of view.

Pay attention to yourself. It is very important. Set the priorities. Let your work, hobbies and rest be in the first place.

While trying to get out of friend zone get acquainted with other girls. Even if you will not succeed, you will lose nothing. She is not your girlfriend and you will not have to break up with her. But if you do not take care of yourself, you can lose quite a lot.

Still, if you do understand that she is the ONE, do not lose hope and keep on trying till you win her. Good luck.