How to get the spark back into your relationship

You must have probably been in a long term relationship or have been married if you are interested in such topic. You might think, maybe my girlfriend doesn`t feel the same about me or she has someone else in mind. If you think that it is enough to fall in love once in order constantly to have passion it is totally wrong. To keep the balance you need to work on it every day.

Why do relationships lose their spark? At the beginning when you just meet each other, you do your best to impress a woman, give flowers, tell compliments how adorable and beautiful she is. By the time you conquer your lady and win the heart, you slow down and relax, yes, she is mine. As the time passes by, you start living together, become so busy at work, come home tired, eat dinner in a rush forgetting to compliment your woman about food and not even asking how the day went. Your love is still the same, but she keeps wondering more often why you became so cold. You keep on telling that it is just hard work and deadlines, no power to go out. Do you remember the last time you invited your lady to the restaurant, cinema or just for a simple walk in the park? If you cannot remember, I bet she does.

Getting the spark back in a relationship or marriage is not an easy task, let me give you advice how to bring the spark back in a relationship. Let me start with a personal story of my friend, they are married, both are very busy at work and she noticed him being distant, he isolates himself motivating it with hard work. She could notice alarms of losing passion, lack of romance anymore and the life became so dull. She decided to take the situation under control and once he came home, she set a nice atmosphere in the bedroom and offered to watch a film, but not a random one. She chose it wisely, picking the one that they watched on their second date. It brought so many memories, they laughed a lot, hugged each other and kissed non stop, it was such an amazing night, her husband thanked for such emotions and the next day decided to surprise as well. He ordered beautiful lilies and left a note inside: I am happy to be with you, you are my treasure. They made it a habit of doing small pleasant things since that day. You can put the spark back into your marriage in such a way.

There are different ways to get the spark back in relationship:

  1. Hug each other more often, physical contact adds passion. You can send love vibes through touch, take her hands in yours and make an eye contact while saying that you are lucky to have such a beautiful woman next to you. Give more compliments to your woman.
  2. Emotions are what matters a lot. We are emotional and like when men can get affectionate too. Invite your lady to the restaurant where you used to go on your first dates, bring up touching memories from the past.
  3. Organize a romantic evening with your partner, not because of any occasion, either anniversary or birthday, which is expected, but just randomly in the evening, make it special. Put some candles around to make an atmosphere more romantic, put some effort into it.
  4. If you haven`t had vacation only two of you for the past 2 years, rent an apartment somewhere far from the city in the countryside, enjoy each other`s company far from people, change of location often helps to bring romantic feelings.
  5. If you are married, arrange a date with your spouse. Not the one where you go together by taxi from home, arrange the time and arrive there separately, let her be late a bit, get ready like it is your first date with this woman. Buy flowers, it is a must. Go to a place you haven`t visited since you got married, might be a theatre or cinema.

There are many tips how to get a spark back in a relationship, but if you keep contributing every day, it will bring its fruitful results.