Relationship is a very important business which needs taking care of all aspects of it including finances. Unfortunately, even the strongest relationship break up when it comes to misunderstanding in financial issues. Not to make any fatal mistakes in this area read our relationship advice on how to handle financial challenges.

How to Handle Financial Challenges in Relationships

Relationship advice #1. A woman must not tackle the financial problems.

This is what a man must do. Otherwise a woman will develop manly qualities n herself. It will be more difficult for her to stay feminine and sexy. It does not mean that she will stay at home and do nothing, still whatever she does must not be a financial burden for her as her man will provide for the family.

It is unacceptable for a man not to work at all. Even it is a “difficult period” in his life. The only way for a man not to work if it has been discussed with the woman beforehand. For example, the woman works and provides for the family while the man stays at home and does the house work. Interestingly, but such families also exist and live quite happily.

Relationship advice #2. If only a man or a woman earns money, they must not make the “free-from-work” partner responsible for accounting.

Since such a duty will make them feel in debt, which is very unpleasant. What you should do, is take care of your expenses together; in other case, one of the partners might not even know that there is a lack of money.

Relationship advice #3. In case a man is going through temporary financial difficulties, both partners must cope with them.

It is very important for a man not to start living off his woman in such a situation.  

Relationship advice #4. A woman can earn money if she really wants it.

She can do it with the help of her hobby, or what interests her. However, a man must not insist on his woman working.

It is better if a woman does not earn more than a man, or she will lose the sense of being protected, which is really important for girls.

Relationship advice #5. A non-working partner must not turn into a non-developing couch-potato.

If you or your partner is the one who is responsible for the house chores, find the way to develop yourself constantly and not spend all the day watching TV series, which you hate yourself.

Relationship advice #6. Do not build your relationship on finances only.

This will not do you good. Of course, money is one of the aspects, however it is not the most important one. Remember about romance and respect for each other. In other case, sooner or later, one of you, or both will fall in love with other people, who will not get on your nerves with constant “financial problems” and your relationship will be ruined.

Relationship advice #7. Money is the material indicator of the quality of relationship.

In case the discussion of financial issues brings about high emotions and aggression crowned with a row, one may doubtlessly state that a family has problems.  

Remember that nobody owes nothing to anybody else. Care and wish to spend money on the ones, who we love is quite natural. That is why, if one of the partners does not wish to do this, another one must not demand or beg for money. It is better to end the relationship in such a case. However, if your partner is ready to change, discuss everything. But never turn into a beggar and respect yourself.

Relationship advice #8. Plan not only your expenses but also income.

It is a usual thing for couples to dream about a big house or a vacation on some tropical islands, still they do not discuss how they will earn money for this.

A good idea to plan your income is to make investments, even very little ones. Also try not to lend or borrow money.

Finally, whatever financial challenges you face, do not be afraid to talk about them. However, the discussion must be delicate, without insults, yelling or quarrelling. Try to find a common decision if you have some disagreements. Learn to listen to and hear each other. Find the compromise and you will succeed. Good luck!