How to Handle Your Girlfriends Mood swings

It is very common for both men and women to have mood swings sometimes more than twice per day. Women tend to be more sensitive than men. She can wake up very grumpy, which is not surprising and then after having a cup of coffee becomes gentle and happy. If this is the only case when you notice a mood change, then you are lucky and know how to handle a girlfriend with a cup of cappuccino.

Women with mood swings are not easy. It depends on how emotional your girlfriend is. How to deal with mood swings in a relationship? It is important to learn how to control emotions and know how to please a woman emotionally. Let me share some tips how to handle women.

    • Acknowledge that she isn`t OK.

Acknowledge the fact that she isn`t in the mood right know. Ask her if there is something you can do to make her feel better. She will appreciate your efforts and luckily you will avoid unpleasant time. It is very important to be heard. If she wants to tell you the problem, she is going to share it. If she needs some space, then know when to step back and give time.

    • Let her be alone for a while.

Some ladies will just need to be on their own if they feel they are a bit overreacting and can`t think clearly at the moment. Some of them just need to be in silence or meditate, others just don`t want to hurt their close people and prefer to spend time alone and calm down.

    • Be patient.

Very often hormones are the main reason of your girlfriend`s mood swings. Sometimes it`s quite difficult to control her mood. Be patient and sympathetic to your lady. How to deal with a sensitive girlfriend in this case? Here you need to be careful and should know what is best in such condition, health is not a joke.

    • Surprise with a box of chocolates.

Chocolate reduces stress and releases calming endorphins. It is exactly what your girlfriend needs when she is not in the mood or surviving PMS. Chocolate will make your life easier for a while. Maybe she likes sushi or pizza? Then you should call delivery and surprise with a delicious treat.

    • Have a walk in the park or go to her favourite restaurant.

If you see that your girlfriend is not in the mood it will be good to go for a nice walk. Fresh air always helps to clear mind and makes a person feel happier. Hold hands, physical interaction helps a lot to build trust and support. Visit a restaurant, order her favourite dish, a nice chocolate dessert will win here.

    • Hug each other more often.

All of us have good and bad days. If you see that she is struggling with mood swings, be more gentle and caring than usually. Tell more compliments. Her heart will melt. A simple hug can make a difference, your girl feels protected, she is not the only one in this big world and she is not afraid of anything, because she knows you are right here.

    • Visiting SPA is a good idea.

Massage and relaxing procedures will definitely help your girlfriend to relax and calm down. It`s not necessarily to go to SPA, you can give a massage to your sweetheart by yourself. I`m sure she will appreciate your efforts.

Why is my girlfriend so emotional? Do I do something wrong? Accept the fact of having mood swings, it is absolutely normal and love her despite of it!

    • Try to find out the true reason.

You think that she is angry with you because you haven`t noticed a different hairstyle today. I bet there is something bigger than that. Look deeper and try to find out the real reason. Maybe you forgot your 3 years anniversary or some special day for you both. Sometimes we do forget, so we should have a conversation more often and find the reason why.

We are all humans and there is time when not only females but also males can become moody. There are many factors: stressful job, poor health, confidence loss, low self-esteem, problems in relationship in general. How to stop being moody? Enroll into gym, physical activity boosts your health and maintain positive energy, try to meditate, either by watching Youtube videos at home or going outside in the park. Watch comedies together with your partner, visit cinemas or theatres, socialize more with friends.

How to deal with moody girls?

  • Set a positive atmosphere and make jokes

Tell a funny joke to distract attention if it is appropriate. Choose neutral positive topics for a chat, don`t concentrate attention on the reason of sad mood. If you just had a fight and she is angry with you, better wait a little bit, because she can consider you making fun and you are not serious enough.

If your girlfriend is depressed and distant, don`t neglect the situation. There must be a serious reason behind. People in such condition might be going through difficult times in life. It is the right moment when she needs you the most. Sometimes you think it is better to leave the person for some time until she decides to open up. Don`t wait for this moment, it might be very late. You must probably be aware of some not very pleasant events, maybe someone`s death or health problems of close people. If it is within your power, help out as much as you can, be supportive. You can bring back the person`s feelings of happiness and help to fight with depression. Once you know the trigger, you are able to help to avoid it. If you notice that your partner is anxious, feels down, eats less or doesn`t eat at all, maybe loses weight, be alert and take actions. There are cases which you cannot handle by yourself, turn to the doctor for advice and further treatment. To avoid serious matters like this, establish trustworthy relationship from the very beginning, so that your partner may come for advice to you in need.

How to handle a girl with attitude? There must be a reason behind it. For example, she is a bit rude and doesn`t want to speak. Is it because she wants to challenge you? A slight chance, it might be the case. But let`s see the whole scene. Maybe she lacks your attention, you haven`t given any compliments and surprises lately, been very busy at work and the last time you went out together was last year. The key to her heart is discussion, it opens all doors.

We are all different, some of us are introverts, who likes dealing with problems by ourselves, being reserved, some are extroverts, who are open to the world, may share problems with others and don`t concentrate on bad things. When starting relationship, take this factor into consideration, be flexible if you love the person and don`t blame on his character afterwards. If you understand your girlfriend`s feelings and that she can be sensitive sometimes, let her be like that and know where to approach and where better to step back. Emotional part is very fragile and essential in relationship, pay more attention to that and try to learn your partner`s peculiarities to make your life easier.