Have you ever had the feeling that there are three different persons coexist in your girlfriend at the same time. It`s like you are dating a dragon, one body but three heads and each of them says different things. This is like men see women in the time when their mood swings. Women are more emotional than men. It`s a fact. Men are usually more stable that`s why it shouldn`t be a problem for them to handle it.

There are some survival dating tips for you

  • Acknowledge that she isn`t OK.

If you see that your girlfriend`s mood swings it will make the situation more easier for you if you acknowledge the fact that you are aware that she isn`t in the mood right know. Ask her if there is something you can do to make her feel better. For sure she will appreciate your efforts and luckily you will avoid unpleasant time. It is very important for her to be heard.       

  • Let her to be alone for a while.

Some ladies will just need to be on their own if they feel that they are a bit overreacting and can`t think clearly at the moment. Some of them just need to be in silence or meditate, others just don`t want to hurt their close people and prefer to spend time alone and calm down.

  • Be patience.

Very often hormones are the main reason of your girlfriend`s mood swings. You should understand that sometimes it`s quite difficult to control her mood. Be patience and sympathetic to your lady.   

  • Make a joke.

If you feel that situation is out of control, will be more wisdom of you to turn it into a joke. Say something funny to distract her attention. There is a little chance that after laughing she will forget what you were arguing about two minutes ago.  

  • Present her a chocolate box.

Researches show us that chocolate reduces stress and releases calming endorphins. It is exactly what your girlfriend needs when she is not in the mood or surviving her PMS. Chocolate can make her mood swings other way. Chocolate will make your life easier for a while.

  • Visiting SPA is a good idea.

Massage and relaxing procedures will definitely help your girlfriend to relax and calm down. It`s not necessarily to go to SPA, you can give a massage to your sweetheart by yourself. I`m sure she will appreciate your efforts.

  • Have a walk

If you see that your girlfriend is not in the mood will be good to take her for a nice walk. Fresh air always helps to clear mind and makes a person feel happier.      

  • Hug her more often.

All of us have good and bad days. If you see that she is struggling with mood swings, be more gentle and carrying than usually. Tell her more compliments. Her heart will melt.

  • Try to find out the true reason.

You think that she is angry with you because you haven`t noticed that she made her hair differently today. I bet there is something bigger than that. Look deeper and try to find out the real reason. Maybe you forgot that today was your 2,5 years anniversary. 

  • Accept the fact that your girlfriend`s mood swings and love her for it!