Sex for the first time is always exhilarating and exciting. Even if you have had a very diverse sex life before you would never know how it will go with your new girlfriend. Sex for the first time is unpredictable. There are some common tips how to have sex for the first time with your girlfriend.

Rule # 1 How to have sex for the first time.

Don`t expect too much. Don`t have very high expectations to the lady you are going to have sex with for the first time. You just start learning each other and exploring each other`s bodies. She won`t show you everything she knows about how to have sex. Don’t make any conclusions after having sex for the first time with your new girlfriend. It`s like the first date, you never know how woman will react. Sometimes people behave differently when they are worrying or nervous, or want to make a good impression.       

Rule # 2 How to have sex for the first time.

Don`t have any pressure on your girlfriend. You will notice when she is ready to have sex with you. She might arrange a romantic dinner at her place, or you might start to be touched by her more often. If you don`t understand her signals just ask her if she is ready to go to another level in your relationship and have sex with you. Don`t be straightforward but make it look like a hint. If she says “no” you can ask her the reason but never ever put any pressure on a lady or she will think you are interested only in having sex with her.           

Rule # 3 How to have sex for the first time.

It`s very important to make her trust you. First of all you have to bound emotionally. Show your lady that she can relay on you, show her how important she is for you, give her attention, be in time for the dates and keep your words.

Rule # 4 How to have sex for the first time.

Make your lady feel comfortable with you. Try to know better her personality and her background. Spend more time together, do some activities, go to the cinema, laugh more. All these things make you closer to her and closer to the first intimacy with your girlfriend. Most of the women don`t like to sleep with a stranger. First of all a woman have to know a person she is going to sleep with.

Rule # 5 How to have sex for the first time.

Organize a nice and cozy atmosphere. If you plan to have sex for the first time with your lady, clean up your apartment, light up candles, turned on relax music, offer her a glass of wine. It`s necessary to create a romantic atmosphere and right mood for this special occasion.

Rule # 6 How to have sex for the first time.

How to have sex more than once with the lady? Treat your woman well after sex. Don`t turn your back right after you had intimacy. Cuddle your lady for a while, tell her some funny story what happened with you at work, for example, so she will not think you were interested only in sex.

It`s important to feel chemistry and connection before lying in bed. Sex is much brighter when you are in love with each other.