How to have sex for the first time with your girlfriend?

The first time when girls decide to have sex in relationship is very intimate and sensitive moment. How soon it is going to happen, depends on your art of developing intimacy between you. It can take one week or two months. Even if you have had a very diverse sex life with girls before, you would never know the way it will go with a new partner. It is very unpredictable. Before you come to that stage in new relationship, you should earn trust from your woman. How to convince a girlfriend to decide to sleep with you? It is going to happen naturally if you mutually agree to that. Don`t take advice for first time sex from friends. Each scenario is different and depends on many circumstances. Let your story be individual.

There are some common tips for sex for the first time in relationship though.

Rule # 1 How to have sex for the first time.

Don`t have high expectations. She might not be an expert. You never know until you experience it yourself. You shouldn`t make any conclusions straight after having sex with your new girlfriend. It`s equal to the date, you never know a woman`s reaction. Sometimes people behave differently when they worry or getting nervous, or want to leave a good impression. There is always a second chance, to prove yourself if you are right or wrong.

Rule # 2

How to get a girl to have sex with you? Don`t have any pressure. It will be obvious if she is ready to make love the first time with you. She might organize a romantic dinner, or might start touching you more often, hugging intensely and kissing with passion. You should recognize the signs of a body language. If she doesn’t give you any hints of sexual interaction, be patient, she might get to know you better. Be flirty with your girlfriend.

Rule # 3

Try to know a girl`s personality and background better. Do more things together, go to the cinema, parks and restaurants, laugh more. All these things make you closer to the intimacy. Most women don`t sleep with a stranger. First of all she has to know a person she is going to sleep with. It`s important to feel chemistry and connection. Intimacy is much brighter when you have feelings to each other.

Rule # 4

Wear attractive underwear, smell nice and have your apartment clean. Seems like small details, but they matter a lot. Women pay attention to them a lot, the atmosphere around is setting further mood. If you are brave enough, you can buy her a beautiful lingerie taking into consideration preferences in color and it should be of a good quality though. By giving such present, be careful with words, because she may think you rush events. You can say how gorgeous she is, that you adore her fit body and think that this lingerie makes it even more seductive. It doesn`t mean she needs to wear it straight away, she can decide when she wants to wear it. It is an intimate gift, you must build trust to be open to it.

Rule # 5

Think over the details, organize a nice and cozy atmosphere. How to make sex for the first time memorable? Add romance, light up candles, turn on relaxing music, offer a glass of wine. She is going to remember the whole process from the very beginning until the end like a tape recorder to review the film after. You have to learn some tricks how to please a girlfriend. Do a relaxing massage, using some aroma oil, it warms up the body and sets a sexual mood. Foreplay plays an important role. Let the pleasure last. Caress her body, hips, admire beautiful curves and give compliments. When a man makes love to a woman he shouldn`t talk too much, don`t ask too many questions. Concentrate on moves, not words, but don`t forget to express yourself by moaning, pleasant sounds of satisfaction. Focus on quality not quantity. You shouldn`t twist and twirl a woman, changing positions frequently during the process. She would feel as if she is on the rollercoaster, adrenaline is high but not always ends with pleasure. Kiss while sexing with a girl. It adds more intimacy and tension. Avoid trying something extraordinary, it might scare her. Your goal shouldn`t be getting only your pleasure as fast as possible, there is no need to rush. It doesn’t mean that you need to forget about yourself, but if you keep asking a girl every five minutes is she loves the way you do, it may bore her and gives a hint that you are not confident enough in your actions. You will understand by emotions and body reaction. Treat your lady well after as well. Cuddle your lady, show the same amount of appreciation and admiration as before intimacy. Then she definitely would love to see you again. Small things are appreciated, you may bring coffee in the morning, let her feel like a princess.