How to Keep a Phone Conversation

How frequent should you call your lady? There is no specific rule for that, if you are both busy during the day, you should do it at least once. What are the main topics for talking with a girlfriend? It might be challenging sometimes, maybe you are still not very close and without seeing the person it might be difficult.

Calls make difference. Let me share some tips how to keep a fruitful conversation going with your girlfriend. First, ask if her day is good. It will show that you are attentive and caring, share some exciting moments, which happened to you as well. Show your concern by being interested if she had lunch or dinner, depending what time it is. If she says that she is having lunch now, ask what she prefers eating. If she stays at home or work to eat, wish a pleasant meal and it`s good reason to invite her to the restaurant next weekend.

In Ukrainian culture generally girls love chatting, either by voice or video calling. But before video calls, ask in advance if it is convenient to speak right now and you will definitely find a thing to talk about with your girlfriend. Starting lightly with regular questions and then escalate to some more serious discussion. Girls love to be listened, pay attention to the detail, she doesn`t need to repeat the same information. It is so pleasant when a man for example remembers the names of your friends or your favourite place to go out and next time invite you there. It is one of the ways how to make a happy girlfriend on the phone.

I have a female friend, who met a guy in Odessa, a Ukrainian city by the sea. He is from Australia and was visiting Ukraine for tourism, where they met in one of the restaurants. They had a brief discussion and then continued talking online after. He was paying so much attention to all the details, learnt the names of all family members and even cats and dogs. Seems like a small detail, but she was very touched and they managed to stay in touch on distance, he sent her a gift by post. It meant a lot, because it was made in his city and was travelling a long way to reach her heart.

Discuss your weekend plans over the phone. Maybe you would like to visit a cinema? Discuss a new movie you have come across recently, get to know which genre she prefers. Maybe you both like comedies, tell some funny stories from movies. You need to think which funny things to say to a girlfriend. Women love guys with a sense of humor, it is 70% of success.

If your woman has troubles at home or at work, listen emphatically and try to offer help if it is needed. It is a good way to connect on a different level. Usually when we have troubles, we need to be heard.

My female friend often doesn`t like guys` phone etiquette, usually men are silent and expect to speak first and lead a talk, We have discussed what to talk with your girlfriend, are there any don`ts to be aware of?

Please don`t interrupt while she speaks, listen carefully.

Don`t change the subject very quickly. Supposedly you were talking about a bad day at work and you use phrases about a wonderful weather at the moment. Maybe you want to change the subject to set a positive atmosphere, but first it`s better to show empathy, listen and then switch the topic.

Don`t be a key person who speaks all the time, share the roles. It shouldn`t be a monologue, there are two people involved.