Having spent several years in marriage, you might notice that the amount and quality of sex goes down. However, if you want to keep it alive, try to use our sex tips.

We often hear that if you want to have more sex, you must try to be closer to your partner. Plan your mutual time, spend it eye to eye, do something pleasant for them and the fire will burn harder.

However, very often this advice does not work, since married couples spend time together without any arrangements; they share one bed, one kitchen, ask how their work is on a usual basis… and, of course, they feel fed up with closeness. This is when they need some space, because sex needs mystery and adventure.

Therefore, if you want to keep sex alive, you need creativity

Sex tip #1. Forget about bed. Imagine that having sex there is similar to losing a very important match. Find some other surfaces in your house, which you can use.

Sex tip #2. Say «No» to a routine sex at 11 or 12 at night, when all of your family have gone to bed and are fast asleep. Try to be spontaneous. Substitute your usual lunch with a colleague with a middle-day dating your partner. Wake up before your kids, go beyond the limits of usual schedule.

Sex tip #3. Use «dirty» language. Create secret e-mails, where you will send secret messages to each other. Send a special message to the partner in the morning, to make them fantasize about the forthcoming night.

Sex tip #4. Do not be shy. Have sex with the lights on and your eyes open. Look into each other’s eyes. Moan. Hearing each other’s pleased moaning, you will only heat yourselves.

Sex tip #5. Become a bit selfish. Think about the way you can get pleasure first, and then care about your partner.

Sex tip #6. Use one of the following psychological methods.

  1. Play a game, called «My desire fades when…». The idea is to finish the sentence with your own thoughts. For example:

– My desire fades, when I have to look through my e-mails before going to bed…

– My desire fades when I have to spend a lot of time cleaning teeth, taking vitamins and get ready to sleep.

– My desire fades, when I have to take 10 cushions off the bed, etc.

  1. Play a game, called “My desire arises when…”

– My desire arises when I dance.

– My desire arises when I describe what I want.

– My desire arises when I am in the fresh air, when I am meeting my friends.

– My desire arises when I am watching a good film, etc.

The idea of these is to talk about sex not talking about it directly. You will learn what makes you and your partner feel tired, or, on the other hand, rises mood and, of course, the desire.

Sex tip #7. Do not be shy to be sexy in the eyes of your children. Of course, you must not go too far; still you have to set an example of “healthy” sexuality in a loving family. Hold your hands, hug and kiss each other instead of hiding your feelings and your kids will not be afraid of these natural habits when they grow up and will have their own boyfriend or girlfriend.

As you can see, sex cannot follow a stable pattern, it has to be flexible; so if you want to keep sex alive in your marriage, you must understand what exactly it means for you. You must understand what you want to express through sex. It could be your way to escape from reality… Or, it could be a chance for you two to be naughty and have some fun. But the main thing you must remember is that sex is pleasure and it is not a responsibility. If you want to kill sex, make it your usual duty. If you want it to “live long and happily”, let it be free, creative and fresh.