You are in relationship. Everything seems to be okay. Still, you feel that everything is not the way it used to be. You have become colder to each other. What has happened? The answer is simple: everyday routine has forced the romance, which is vital for every relationship, out of your life.  Do you want to know how to keep the romance alive? Then follow our advice.

How to keep the romance alive

  1. To keep the romance alive you must organize dates. A “romantic dinner” out during which you will discuss your everyday problems like “what to do with that old fridge in the cellar”, or “why the child says he doesn’t like his school”, etc will not do. Your date has to be the real one. You have to choose a special place, the best outfit, since you are going to seduce your partner. When you come to the restaurant, or any other place you will choose for the date, do not sweep away all the food in a minute, as if you are in a hurry; switch off your mobile phones and look into each other’s eyes. Stay literally alone, without anyone else’s interruption.
  2. To keep the romance alive you must give presents to each other without any special reason. If you give your beloved a small present now and then, they will be absolutely happy. Moreover, if you make a spontaneous present to your better half, you will make them understand that you do care about them and remember about them even when you are not together, or when an important date is approaching, which is really romantic.
  3. To keep the romance alive you must look after yourself. When you start living together, your beloved becomes so dear to you, that you both feel very relaxed and wear scruffy things at home, do not close the door to the toilet, forget to shave yourselves sometimes… The better half will understand you; you have won their heart and now can rest on your laurels. Seriously? Still, feeling comfortable in someone’s presence is different from being sloppy. So, if you do not see the difference you are likely to become a scruffy, shaggy ragged creature, impossible to sit next to, let alone have sex with. Therefore you have to be very careful not to go over the limit of “feeling relaxed” in your partner’s presence.
  4. To keep the romance alive you must not get on each other’s nerves. The more arguments you will have, the less warm feelings will stay and you will become strangers to each other. Of course, there are some couples, who “keep the fire burning” with the help of arguments, still most people see loving relationship as feeling safe, calm and secure with each other.
  5. To keep the romance alive you must admire each other. Just remember the start of your relationship: you definitely made compliments to each other. Why not continue doing this? Has your partner become less attractive, clever or witty? Why not show them that you still see their strengths and like them? As soon as you start doing this, your partner will get an injection of positive emotions, which we all need to feel loved and needed.
  6. To keep the romance alive you must remember that the only thing that matters is you two. It does not matter how long you have been together, how many children you have, what friends want you to do, what career ambitions you have. YOU TWO are what matters. Never state that your job is more important than your anniversary, for example. Of course, you must think of how to divide your resources, but do not sacrifice your common interests and time.