So, you have started thinking of building relationship with a woman from abroad. You have already found a matchmaking agency or a dating site, which will help you in your search, but… Are you really ready for international dating? Before going for it, we offer to have a good look at yourself and understand if you can let a foreign woman enter your life.

How to know if you are ready for international dating?

  1. Check your self-esteem. The first thing in international dating that you will have to do is decide on what kind of a woman you are looking for. This is when you must know exactly what you are worth and do not agree to get less than you want, or, on the other hand, do not look for someone, who will add to you or will make you better. Having problems with self-esteem, you will hardly build healthy relationship.
  2. Ask your good friends. Of course, you are the one, who will make the final decision. However, the closest friends of yours are the people, who can tell you “Hey, man! Stop!” and protect you from making a mistake. A real friend will never let you fall down.
  3. Be realistic. You must understand that building relationship through international dating is challenging as there are a number of reasons that make it such: distance, language barrier, different cultures, religion, etc. Are you ready to do whatever it takes to be with the ONE you are going to find?
  4. Consider finances. It is not a secret, that international dating needs some money injections from you. First you will have to pay for the services from a matchmaking agency. Then, when you meet the woman, being a real gentleman, you will have to pay for dinner in a restaurant, buy tickets to the cinema, flowers, buy plane tickets to have a chance to see the girl in reality, etc.
  5. What about your ex? Before starting new relationship, make sure that you are through with your past. In other case, you will not have a chance to concentrate on your new lady.
  6. Do you really want it? Men come to international dating with serious intentions. They feel they must create a family, and women go there for the same reason. Therefore, if your wish is based on something like “I am already N years old; my friends already have families and children. And what about me?” you are not ready.
  7. Do you feel comfortable alone? If you have decided to find someone just because you need a woman by your side, you will fail to build international relationship as well as any other. Do you think the woman will want to babysit you? Learn to take care of yourself and then start your search.
  8. Do you know what exactly you want from relationship? If you answer “Yes” to this question, you are ready for international dating.
  9. Are you ready to make compromises? If you are sure that you are ready to compromise, you are interested in building serious relationship with a woman and can start your search.
  10. Are you ready to discover something new? Meeting new people, which is inevitable in international dating, can bring you different surprises both pleasant and not very pleasant. Even someone, who you will not find interesting or attractive at first sight, can impress you later. So, do not follow stereotypes, clichés and widespread opinions.
  11. Consider time. Building any relationship is time-consuming. Speaking of international dating it is even more than just a fact. Therefore, if you have a career that does not let you devote enough time to your woman (you will have to make international phone calls, which can be difficult because of the time difference; leave your country to see HER, etc.) you should put a hold on dating internationally.