This ritual is repeated from generation to generation, and although there is no special formula of how to do it, you must stick to some rules and manners if you want to make a proposal to a girl. You can change the details, but when you decide to ask your girl the main question, you must be sure that you both will remember this moment.

1.Inform her parents. The key word here is “inform”. You must not ask, but inform. You can ask her parents to let you marry their daughter, but you do not have to do it, especially if you know that they are not very happy about your relationship. So if you give her father a chance to say “no”, you will leave your loved one without the right to make a choice herself.

On the other hand, if you are a well-bred person, you must involve her parents, since it will give them another chance to become a part of another important event of their daughter’s life. Of course, there can be some exceptions, which can influence the process in different ways, but let us hope that not in your case.

If your lady has not communicated with her parents for many years for some reasons, it is not necessary to inform them and we do not recommend you to make up plans or schemes, which need the participation of her parents.

2. Choose the engagement ring on your own. If you decide to involve your future bride in buying the engagement ring, it will be a wrong move since it will spoil the whole surprise and the moment when you will make a proposal will not be so romantic. Moreover, if you have already discussed the question of marriage, you must have understood what kind of a ring your woman wants. If not, trust your memory, wit and intuition, although your better half’s friend, mother or sister would be a better adviser in this case.

3. Think over the plan thoroughly. If you want to make a proposal the one to remember, build your plan in accordance with HER tastes and personality. If you know that she likes when there are people around her, try to make it so. The more the better. And if you take a microphone and ask her to marry you in front of the audience at the concert, you are very likely to hear “yes”. But remember to choose a good moment and do not ask her in the middle of the tense week when she has to meet the deadline at work, since she will not be able to enjoy the moment.

4. Make a proposal in a formal tone. In other words, it must not be done as if unintentionally. The official proposal demands some formality from you, which starts with the way you will speak. That is why, even if you are nervous, saying something like “Let’s get married” or “I will not stand on my knee…” will not be an excuse for you.

Use the formal expression “Will you marry me?” The formalities also include such banal things like standing on one knee, although you can skip this one. However if you can do it, (physically) stand on your left knee and make your speech. It can be considered old-fashioned, still if your woman does not expect this from you, she will definitely appreciate this romantic move.  

5. Be prepared to hear “Yes”, “No”, “I need to think it over”. It may seem unfair, but you had had enough time to think before you decided to make a proposal to her. She may also need some time. Of course, every man wants to hear “Yes”, however not each hears this reply no matter how well his proposal has been prepared.

6. Watch her reaction attentively. If you have decided to choose an extreme and thoroughly made up idea of making a proposal, which you have found on the Internet, be ready that your girl may need some time to get over it. In spite of the plan that you will choose, you must be beside your lady when she hears the proposal and spend as much time together with her as it will be necessary.

If you follow these rules and add your own creative ideas, you can make up a story, which SHE will proudly tell her friends and your children. Good luck!