Are you tired of boring unemotional relationship? Do you think you need to create chemistry to make it brighter? Are your friends saying she is not a match for you? Is chemistry possible to exist only between people who are perfect matches for each other? Is it possible to find a perfect match and have a good relationship without chemistry? And does being a match and chemistry mean the same?

Let us start with being a match for someone. People often take match for chemistry, still there is a big difference between them. In fact, being a match for someone means that you and your partner have the same life values and way of life. It is difficult to imagine that a strip girl is a good match for a priest, that is why they will hardly ever start a relationship. And if you appreciate clever, well-educated women, a girl who has quit the university, likes hunting and prefers guys with big muscles will definitely not be your match.

Speaking of chemistry, we mean emotional connection, which appears between people when they are together. One person’s emotions reflect in another’s. In such a way they create chemistry, a cycle of positive emotions, and start feeling better together.

If you are strongly attracted to a girl, she is always on your mind and in your free time, you speak all nights long, as if only an hour has passed, and when you hear the phone ring, you think it is HER, you do not need to think of how to create chemistry between you. It already IS chemistry. You always think what she could say about this film, song, weather, how she would comment on “this situation at work”… You spend all your free time together, holding your hands, kissing and whispering something nice to each other. Words like passion, illness, sparkle, storm are the best synonyms for chemistry.

However, if there is no chemistry between you, you will not be repelled from each other as in case you are not a good match. If you have no attraction to your partner, you just feel bored and your relationship lacks emotions. Chemistry is also very important for sexual life of a couple. In case you have no chemistry, you are bound to have a boring, unemotional sex. But, if you two can feel chemistry between you, you are likely to experience breathtaking days and nights to remember.

Is it possible to create chemistry or where does it come from? It is difficult to find the reason. Anything could start the “bomb”, even the way she laughs at your jokes that you really like. Chemistry is something you start feeling immediately and its strength is the same for both of you. An important distinctive feature of chemistry is that it is mutual attraction.

You may ask if it is possible to have a relationship without chemistry or with a person who is not your match. As you have probably guessed, being a match and having chemistry are not always inseparable. If you have no chemistry, but you are a good match for each other, you are likely to have boring, but convenient for both of you dates, which will either end in either you both getting tired of boredom and breaking up, or marrying each other having friendly feelings. While, if you have chemistry between you, but you are not a good match for each other, your relationship is bound to collapse. It will be like an illness. You know she is not a match for you, but you cannot say goodbye to her. You start behaving irrationally, your mind and heart are constantly arguing. You and your lady dive into the cycle of love and hate. You are trying to find an excuse for her “unexplainable” actions, while your friends do not know what is better: to continue supporting you not to hurt your feelings, or try to prevent you from destroying your life.

Having chemistry but not being a match for each other is really bad. Such a relationship appears and develops very fast and dies fast as well. You soon understand that you are destroying each other’s lives but cannot get out of this “cell”. Your brain is crying “SOS” but your feelings make you follow them.

That is why, if you want to have a relationship which will bring happiness and pleasure, you must understand that it is good to both be a match for each other and have chemistry between you. What makes me positive about this is that if you have found your match, but do not feel the storm of emotions, you can create chemistry and get the most of your communication. How can you do it? Just remember that life is full of interesting things you can do and see. Become a romantic man, give your woman a bouquet of flowers, make a surprise (there are a lot of articles in our blog about that, so read them!) and your love partner will definitely want to make something good and pleasant for you in return. In such a case, I am 100% sure you WILL be happy. Good luck!