Do you want to find the answer to this question? Then you must surely know what sexy women look like. As usually, we offer you our help and want to devote this article to describing ten signs, which show that a woman is sexy. How will they help you? The answer is simple: make sure you do your best to see all or at least most of the “sexy” signs in your lady and you will be the lucky boyfriend of a hot girl.

  1. Sexy women adore laughing. I hope you understand this means she does not laugh out of a sudden. She laughs at your jokes and funny stories that you tell her. You also feel yourself the funniest guy in the world.  It is a nice feeling, isn’t it? By making your lady laugh, you make yourself feel self-confident, optimistic and sexy too.
  2. Sexy women like having sex. You will not deny that sex plays an important part in your life and you would surely like your woman to have the same attitude to it. What should you do? The most important thing is not to push on her. When it comes to bed, do the usual things that both you and she like so that both of you could get pleasure from the process and then, you can come to something more extravagant to brighten your routine.
  3. Sexy women feel self-confident and you are the one who is responsible for that. If you make your girl feel loved, if you do not tell her that something is wrong with her or she does something badly all the time (of course for her good, to help her change for the better), if you support her and make her feel confident, she will surely feel herself sexy.
  4. Sexy women are spontaneous. How can you influence that? You have to be spontaneous yourself. Make your girl think that it is good and it is an inseparable part of everyone’s life. Be ready to organize various experiments in entertainment, food, etc.; make your girl used to your making spontaneous surprises for her and in her turn, she will want to do the same for you.
  5. Sexy women are imaginative. Of course, this feature is something that a woman has to develop in herself without anyone’s help. Still, if you help her by giving a hint and unintentionally saying that it could be interesting to try something unusual (in bed, for example,) you may be surprised to see what she will come up with.
  6. Sexy woman are feminine. So, who else but you can make your lady feel so? To make your girl feel feminine, you must be a real man yourself. Remember to open the door for her, give her a hand when she gets out of the car, cover her shoulders with your jacket even if you are freezing yourself, etc. This is how your lady will have a chance to stay gentle and charming even if she has a strong character and can stand for herself.   
  7. Sexy women are clever. You will agree if I say that you like women who can keep an intellectual conversation with you. If your lady is not so smart yet, you can help her. It is not necessary to tell that she needs to learn a lot. Just talk to her and tell some interesting information that she will be able to use later. And, believe me, she will be so happy to be in the limelight when she uses this information next time, and, of course, she will feel herself sexy since she will be able to keep everyone’s attention.
  8. Sexy women are optimistic and positive. If everything goes well and you do not make your woman feel sad by telling how bed everything is, scolding the government and your stupid boss or employees, she will surely stay optimistic, attractive and sexy.
  9. Sexy women take care of their appearance. Keep in mind that your woman is a reflection of you, so if you like keeping fit, if you care about your clothes, she will be also happy to look like a queen beside her king.
  10. And finally, sexy women feel sexy when they feel loved by you. They want to be wanted and loved and do their best to look attractive, be smart, feminine and they even make their best to let you, my friend, feel yourself the funniest comic in the world, laughing at your jokes, which are sometimes, to tell you the truth, not so funny. That is why the best way to make your woman feel sexy is to truly love her and wish her true happiness with you beside her.