How to make your lady feel sexy?

Before we reveal some tips how to make a woman feel sexy, let`s talk about beautiful and sexy women, who are they? Super models blonde girls with long legs and big breast size? It`s all just stereotypes, what makes a woman desirable is far more than that. They are attractive both from inside and outside, interesting, intelligent and successful. It is a very subjective topic, because each person has his own standards and understanding. But we do have common things which people adore all over the world and cannot be denied. Both males and females may develop sexuality and it depends a lot on the partner you have relationship with. In a healthy relationship, partners should show attraction, passion and mutual interest.

What features make a woman sexy?

The first and the most important is self-confidence, a lady who knows her worth is definitely sexy and you may contribute to it. If you love your girlfriend, you should give enough compliments to raise self-esteem, give surprises more often to show that she is desirable and special. A female is a reflection of a partner`s good or bad attitude. Everything is on mental level and we can build our self-confidence by ourselves believing in our uniqueness. Each lady is unique, so she should realize it and live a happy life. Nevertheless not all girls believe in their beauty. How to convince a girl she`s beautiful? Your eyes are the best mirror, the spark and love they express, your actions and attitude will influence a lot.

Being feminine. Many ladies look attractive wearing dresses and high-heels. Praise with pleasant words, try to be fit and handsome looking too. You must be a real man yourself. Remember to open the door, give a hand when she gets out of the car, cover her shoulders with your jacket. This is the way she stays gentle and charming even if she has a strong character.

Being smart. You definitely like females who can have an intellectual conversation with you and other people. Imagine your lady at a conference, wearing smart clothes and giving a lecture or webinar, isn`t it sexy? I bet it is. It attracts when she is in the limelight. Compliment on sharp mind, witty jokes and fruitful conversations you both have.

How to make your girlfriend feel confident about her body? When it comes to sex, both of you might be shy. But by adoring her gracious body, you will contribute to being more open with you and enjoy sex. It plays an important part in your life and you would surely like your girlfriend to have the same attitude to it. What should you do? The most important thing is showing that she is desirable. When it comes to bed, do the usual things that both you and she like, so that both of you could get pleasure from the process and then, you may come to something more extravagant to brighten your routine. You should know the way to feel a girl up, find out and learn the tricks how to make a woman feel wanted. Females love sex, but emotional part is more important for them. So try to spend more time admiring her body, foreplay is what females pay much attention too. If she is shy to have lights turned on during making love, work on it. Go for lingerie shopping together, tell about your preferences or just give a present of a beautiful underwear. It shouldn`t be at the beginning of your relationship though, better wait until you become closer to each other.

When she smiles, it is very charming and sexy at the same time. She laughs at your jokes and funny stories, isn’t it a nice feeling? By bringing smile on her face, you become more confident and optimistic.

Being spontaneous. You have to be spontaneous yourself. You should be ready to organize various experiments in entertainment, food, etc.; get used to spontaneous surprises and she will want to do the same for you. Initiate sex, it shouldn`t be always planned and at the same place. I know a family, who have been together for a long time, but still surprise each other with something new. If you don`t usually meet on Wednesdays, or go for dates only at the weekend, invite her to a restaurant during a week, buy two tickets for a premiere she hasn`t seen yet. Spontaneous plans are a lot of fun.

Sexy women are imaginative. Of course, this feature is something that a female has to develop. Still, if you help by giving a hint and unintentionally saying that it could be interesting to try something unusual (in bed, for example,) you may be surprised to see what she will come up with. Spice up your life by watching movies with erotic scenes, there are plenty of them, a nice plot about love with sex scenes in it. Don`t be afraid to try new things by giving confidence to your partner.

How to make a woman feel beautiful? Love with all her imperfections. Some of them are insecure about some body flows, turn them into an advantage, show that you like them. But you should be genuine while saying it. Tell that she is beautiful by sending lovely texts: “I wish to see your smile now”. Don`t sound cliché, instead of saying the same things every day, invent new compliments. Surprise with a bouquet of flowers with a message in a card. Females do not consider themselves beautiful when you only talk about appearance, be interested in their hobbies and passion.

A woman who is full of energy attracts attention, she if full of life. But if she has a lot to balance on the scale: work, household chores, children and personal life, she might need help from you. Don`t leave everything on female shoulders, so she can shine like a diamond.

I bet now you know how to make a girl feel beautiful, love and cherish the moments you spend together. Give confidence in your future together, show your affection, be trustworthy, committed and you will see a happy and satisfied girlfriend and partner.