How to make your woman happy? Part 1.

At the very beginning of this article, I want to remind you that two or even 3 dates do not count as a relationship. If you are talking online for 7 months but you have never met in person – offline face-to-face – then you are not in a relationship yet. She is not yours yet. If you are talking on a pay-per letter dating site and you have never met offline even though she claims she already can’t live without you and is almost pregnant with your baby after chatting with you all night long – you are not in a relationship, this is not real, she is not your girl yet to make her happy. Her problems are not your responsibility. You want a life partner and not a child to adopt, don’t you? There will be the right time and place to play the knight in shining armor.

If you had 8+ dates or 3 dates and 4-5 weeks of online communication after the real dates and you had a conversation about being exclusive and being in a relationship – then you can claim she is your girlfriend and of course, you should learn how to make your girlfriend happy.

In this article, we will focus on the best way to make your Ukrainian girlfriend happy but of course, most of these practical tips should be applied to courting and pampering a lady from any country.

1. Flowers

It is great to surprise your lady with flowers even if there are no obvious reasons. Flowers – it is an emotional gift. Of course, cut flowers won’t last for a month but that is not the reason people present them. Flowers give emotions, they create a special romantic mood and help the lady feel special and wanted.

2. The true power of “I love you”

Sometimes gentlemen say that a woman should know about his feelings. She should read it in his actions, see it between the lines. There is this saying that men love with their eyes and women love with their ears. We all love both with our eyes and ears. We all need to hear confirmation about real feelings and compliments from people who are truly important to us.

Actions are important but don’t forget about words. It feels so good to know both with your heart and your logical mind that you are loved.

3. Make romantic gifts and surprises

She loves chocolate – then a cute box of chocolate should be the gift. At this stage, you already should know what she really likes. While one girl can be to the moon and back happy with a Teddy Bear another will find it childish. If she likes champaign – buy a nice bottle and drink it together under the stars or during the candlelight dinner. Be creative not only about the gift but also about the way you present it.

Once my husband has called me and has asked me to meet him by a certain address after work. He said he needed my help. My first thoughts were – he needs help with translation but when I have parked in front of the building – it was a clothes boutique. He was passing that shop earlier and saw a beautiful red dress in its window. He said he was afraid to choose the wrong size and needed my help – to try it on. Later on, the same week, he took me out on a date, and of course, I was wearing my new dress. It is still one of my favorite dresses. It makes me feel loved and beautiful.

One of our clients took his pregnant fiancé choosing new glasses and dishes. She adores glasses and dishes and they really needed to buy lots of staff because they recently bought a new house. He knew she will enjoy this shopping trip. This couple did it all backward. They got married and had a wedding after they had their first baby.

Another female client really loves orchids. Her husband knows it and often brings home exotic plants for no special reason. He always knows which kind of plants and colors of flowers are missing in his wife’s collection.

I am sure almost any male can claim he knows things to make a girl happy. But do you really know how to make your woman happy? What are her dreams and aspirations? Do you really understand and know them? What feels like magic to her?

4. Holding hands in public

It is such a cute intimate gesture. To be honest I don’t know females who hate holding hands with their beloved men in public thought perhaps such women exist too or maybe they just don’t really like their partners. All women I know who are content and feel appreciated in their relationship – enjoy holding hands with their partners in public. It is sweet and it tells a lot about the dynamic in their relationship.

5. Praise your partner and talk about her achievements when you are surrounded by friends and family

Of course, there are compliments meant only for her ears, but it feels so special to see the pride in the eyes of your beloved person. Your best half got a promotion – boast about it next time you are having a family gathering or meet with friends. Facebook posts do not count. Assure your partner knows that you are proud of her.

How to pamper your girlfriend? There is no girl who would decline to go to a spa or to a beauty salon. Plan something just for your beloved. Book an appointment at a nice place and pay for it.

In Ukraine, we change so-called summer tires and winter tires. Every late autumn you have to change tires on your car, or you risk not only getting a ticket but also getting into a real accident on the road covered with ice. As you can imagine all service stations are usually full and you have to book an appointment beforehand. Why not take care of this for your girlfriend? Take your girlfriend’s car to the station early in the morning so that she has the car with winter or summer tires ready when she wakes up. Also, you can get her favorite coffee, tea, or breakfast on your way home.

Of course, there are many more tips and advice on how to make your woman happy. You can visit our YouTube channel and watch several videos devoted to this topic, especially if you are dating, engaged, or married to a woman from Eastern Europe.

As a takeaway from the topic of what makes a girl happy you should take the idea that a woman craves attention, romance and proves she is truly special for you. If you really want to have a wonderful marriage you must pay attention to the needs and wishes of your partner. Ask yourself a question when was the last time you bought your wife flowers or a pair of earrings? When was the last time you took her out, or you had a romantic getaway? Are you sure she knows about your feelings?