I am sure you have asked yourself this question more than once. Probably, the answer was as follows: I have to make a surprise for her. But what surprises will she like and what role the surprises play in the relationship between a man and a woman? We offer you to read our articles to help you get through with this question.

Why do girls need surprises?

Can you do without making surprises, presents and other stuff like this? Of course you can, but… you definitely MUST NOT! It is absolutely forbidden not to make surprises to your woman, since presents, gifts and other signs of attention are like air for the weaker sex because:

  • SHE feels loved and desired and knows that you care for her. Signs of attention are paid only to those, who you love and if you spoil your woman from time to time, she knows that you love her.
  • Signs of attention like these rise a woman’s self-esteem. They are the means to tell her that you acknowledge her as a woman. Such moments make your girl be proud of herself and you.
  • Making surprises and showing attention makes our life brighter, more diverse and more pleasant. Moreover, a woman is not the only one who gets pleasure from a present, she shares her joy with you and you become happy together. I hope you agree that relationship without surprises is much boring.
  • She can share and boast about your present to her friends. You may not know, but women tell each other about the presents and surprises, which they get from their men. Nowadays they do not only tell about this, but also share their happiness in social networks, which makes women even more proud because not only close people can learn about what you have made for her.


What will happen if a woman does not get any surprises?

Nothing will happen. No dinner in the evening, no sex at night. Of course, I am joking but still, dear men, believe me, if you do not make surprises to your women, they lack your attention. They miss you; they want to get at least a small sign of attention from you. Moreover, you must remember that there are a lot of other men around, who can be more generous and shower YOUR woman with compliments and presents, which will result in something that you won’t like.

It is unlikely, though, that you will split up if you do not make surprises to your woman, especially if she is satisfied with everything about you, however… a woman is a creature that LOVES surprises and attention. And when she sees that other women get presents from their men, she feels sad, jealous and starts comparing her boyfriend with them, and her dear man loses that battle. Of course it is not unfaithfulness, but it does not add fire to your relationship, so keep it in mind.

It is beneficial for a man to make surprises for a woman.

It will absolutely do you good if you occasionally please your woman with a small present. Firstly, as we have already written, because you will get some of her happy feelings too. Secondly, you will feel proud of yourself because it is within your powers to make your woman happy. And finally, you know that if you make surprises to your woman, she will have a chance to tell her friends about you and be proud of you too, which is an extra point to your own self-esteem.

Consequently, making surprises is a good idea to strengthen your relationship and make your better half happy. But…How often do women need the signs of attention? Will they be happy to any surprise you make? Interested? Then you are welcome to read the second part of our article.