How to make your woman happy? Part 1.

Do you know how to make your girlfriend happy? First and quite simple, your lady`s smile. How to make a woman happy in a relationship? Give your time, attention, feelings, praise with surprises. But what surprises does she appreciate and what role do they play in the relationship? We offer you to read our article to help you get through with this question.

What makes a woman happy?

We definitely encourage you to give surprises because:

  • SHE feels desired. Signs of attention are paid only to those, who you love, spoil a woman from time to time.
  • They rise a girl’s self-esteem.
  • Life becomes brighter, more diverse and more pleasant. Moreover, a girl is not the only one who gets pleasure, she shares joy with you.
  • She may share and boast about your gestures to friends. You may not know, but women tell each other about it.

Things to say to make your girlfriend happy:

“I am so lucky to have you in my life. ” Girls want to be special.

“Let me help you with something.” We prefer confident men, who know how to support.

“Let`s escape from a routine, I am taking you to a paradise island. Only me and you”.

What is going to happen if a girl does not get anything?

It is absolutely going to do you good if you occasionally please your lady. Firstly, as we have already written, because you get some pleasant feelings too. Secondly, you are proud of yourself because it is within your powers.

Is it only just gifts that matter? Absolutely not, there are other ways to make your girlfriend happy.

Here are 5 things a woman truly needs from a man:

  1. Time. Seems like something very ordinary, but usually men are too busy to find time during the day to give a call, to ask if the day is going good. When she knows that you have a tight schedule, but you still manage to find out how she is, it is important.
  2. Attention. Give compliments. If she asks you what is better to wear today, you can mention a black outfit which she was wearing one month ago on that particular day.
  3. Care. Show your concern about small things, if she had lunch, maybe she needs a taxi today on the way back from work. Send her favourite food to the office. My female friend always compliments on a boyfriend`s way of caring, he knows she is fond of hummus and sushi, she can eat them 24/7 for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is so sweet when he sends delivery with this food.
  4. Appreciation. You treat your lady with respect, acknowledge small achievements by saying how smart she is and how proud you are.
  5. Be affectionate. Show your feelings more often, be romantic. Hug and kiss her more often. One of my friends likes when a boyfriend kisses on the forehead, it is extremely sweet. Is it normal for you to kiss a lady in public? It is not something forbidden in our culture, you won`t see passionate kissing on the streets, but you can notice a couple walking in the park holding hands.
  6. These are the things that will make your girlfriend happy. Simple actions are much appreciated. Household chores are not only female`s responsibilities, take part in every day routine.

It is not a must to give valuable presents all the time. Still, for example, you may regularly give beautiful flowers. Why not having such family tradition? Simply buy a bouquet of flowers on your way home from work. It does not seem to burden you so much. You might also buy a beautiful plant once a month or two. It is not expensive, but it is going to bring a lot of pleasant emotions.

But be careful when choosing a gift. Let`s imagine you have presented a cute kitten. But maybe she is allergic to fur, so it`s important to pay extra attention to presents which concern health issues.

Be careful with inappropriate gifts. If you have been living together for ten years, your partner might not appreciate a plain bouquet of three roses. The value of your relationship is much more. You have had quite enough time to know your partner`s hobbies, interests better and can impress with amazing ideas.Let your anniversaries and birthdays be memorable, but don`t forget about every day pleasures as well.

Summarizing everything we have discussed above, we do like presents, even the smallest ones, it only contributes to your relationship. A few warm words, some support with house chores, appreciation and mutual understanding will turn your regular life into sheer happiness.