As we have written in our previous article, women like surprises and various signs of attention from men,  but how often is it good to make something pleasant for your woman?

It depends on what we are talking about. It is very important not to overdo with surprises for your girl. For example, if you buy an expensive present for your wife or girlfriend every day, you will only spoil her and she will not accept something cheaper or smaller.

There are more than enough days on which you can give a present to your girl around the year. The New Year, birthday, your wedding anniversary, the 8th March (in Ukraine). However, you can find more reasons to give your girl something nice. We, ladies, really like presents made on the day when we met with our man, the day we moved to our common flat, the day we first kissed and many other dates memorable and important for our relationship.

It is not a must to make big presents all the time. Still, for example, you can regularly give beautiful flowers to your woman. You can even make a family tradition like this. You can simply buy a bouquet on your way home from work. It does not seem to make any problems. You can also buy a beautiful plant once in a week or two. It is not expensive, but it will surely bring you and your woman a lot of pleasant emotions.

Dear men, remember that we, women, like presents which ape pertinent. Big presents must be given on big occasions. However little surprises which do not demand a lot of effort, time and money MUST be made as often as possible. It is a good idea to at least say a compliment to your woman and help her about the house every day.

Will every surprise make your woman happy? Of course if you do jot think over your surprise or compliment that you are going to say, the woman will not only get the joy from it, but she can be confused or even sad…

When can it happen? For example, you have presented her a cute kitten. She adores cats and you know it. But it turned out that she is allergic to animals and just cannot accept it just because of her health. Your girl can be allergic to different flowers and cosmetics, so, if  you want to give her some of these, try to find out about possible “pitfalls” beforehand.

She will not like presents inappropriate for the occasion. For example, if you have lived together for ten years, your woman will not like a plain bouquet of three roses. She will not only be sad, she may even get disappointed with you and with herself too. So think carefully when you choose a present.

What kind of presents will be good for your lady? There is a simple list of pleasant signs of attention that do not need any reasons to be made daily:

  • A little bouquet, even a single flower. Such a sign of attention is acceptable at any time without any reason. Still, once again, remember that if your lady is allergic to plants, make sure that she has no allergy to the flowers you want to give her.
  • Sweets are a good sign of attention too. Give her a box of her favorite chocolates, and she will surely smile.
  • Unexpected text messages with pleasant comments, or compliments and tender words whispered to her.
  • A visit to the cinema, theatre, or other romantic place.
  • Helping her about the house is even a necessary sign of attention and if you help your woman clean the house, she will definitely appreciate it.
  • Any other idea that comes to your mind. In case you are sure it will bring joy to your sweetheart, be brave and take action.

Summarizing everything that we have discussed above, we can say that women do like presents and surprises and if you make them on daily occasion, even the smallest ones, it will do only good to your relationship. A few warm words, a bit of attention, some support with house chores, all this makes your common life bright and filled with emotions, which bring both you and your woman sheer happiness.