If you have found your ONE, are thinking of breaking up with your bachelor life and are sure that the time to make a proposal to your Ukrainian bride has come, this article can give you some advice, which will help to prepare for such an outstanding event and plan a perfect proposal.

Some people believe that a spontaneous proposal, made without any preparations, has its own benefits. However, we believe that such a serious step must be well planned and thought over. Of course, saying casually: “Let’s get married.” – might bring you the “Yes.” Still, your Ukrainian bride might feel a bit disappointed, since every girl dreams about a different proposal. Even the most emancipated girl will appreciate a beautiful and romantic surprise, which will put a start to your married life. Don’t want to make the girl sad? Then follow our advice.

The first thing you should do is think about the time and the place of the proposal

No matter how the films try to persuade us that the best proposal is the one made in public, when thousands of people see you and cheer, real life proves to be different from that image and only a few girls will like to be proposed like this. Most of women would prefer to experience a touching and beautiful proposal, made in intimate and romantic atmosphere. You will propose your hand in marriage only once to your Ukrainian bride, so let her be the only one person who will hear your words.

Choosing the right moment for the proposal is almost half the battle. It does not matter if you say your special words to snow crunching under your feet, sweet music playing and soft candle light flickering, or you will get the key to your woman’s heart to the sound of raging waves, the surrounding atmosphere must create romantic mood.

The place where you will decide to make a proposal to your Ukrainian bride must be beautiful and the one to remember. You can think of a ruined medieval palace, which you will be exploring during a trip of yours; a picturesque part of nature, a secluded bench in your favorite park, a fascinating night seacoast. Choosing one of special and memorable places for your couple is also a win-winD

The next thing to think over is the proposal itself

Do not be shy to talk about your feelings. A perfect proposal to your Ukrainian bride must be beautiful in every detail. This is why saying just “Be my wife” is not enough. Let your beloved hear sincere love words, which will make her heart beat faster and fill it with love during the following years of your married life; make her understand how dear she is to you and that you really want to spend the rest of your life with her.

Do not forget about the ring

Choosing the right ring for your Ukrainian bride is a challenging task, especially because it must be of the appropriate size, look elegant on her finger and (very important!!!) she must like it. Therefore, buying a classical model is almost success. An exquisite, thin ring on her finger will look good on her hand and harmoniously fit in with her general image. However, if your girl likes catchy jewelry, you will have to choose the ring to her taste.

Finally, giving the ring to your Ukrainian bride, remember to stand on your knee. It may seem trivial still it is very romantic.

What’s next? You will have to announce an engagement and mark this occasion with your families and friends. But now, enjoy this moment to the sounds of your favorite music, hugging and kissing. Let the rest of the world stand still, listen to your hearts and spend the rest of the “proposal evening” the way you two want it.

Now that you know how to make a perfect proposal to your Ukrainian bride, do your best to make it the one to remember.