How to Plan Romantic Weekend Getaway?

Tired of daily routine with your girlfriend? If days and months together remind you of a dull movie, the only difference is the weather outside, then you urgently need a romantic injection in your relationship. We often spend time with our friends or families, but what about a quality time together? Do you recollect the last time you were just two of you? If you don`t remember, I advice you to think about a nice getaway with your partner.

What is the popular weekend getaway for couples?

  1. A picnic at the riverside. Share a bottle of champagne or wine, order your favourite food or take some homemade stuff. If you feel like barbeque, it is a great idea. You and nature will make a perfect couple and help you to unwind a bit.
  2. Take a car and take your girlfriend to enjoy a long night drive out of the town with a nice music. There are some cosy places in your city where you may enjoy each other`s presence.
  3. Rent a hotel with a nice view, somewhere far from the place you live. It shouldn`t be an ordinary room, just for staying overnight. Find a well furnished room with a king-sized bed and a balcony. Take advantage of a hotel service, maybe there is a bath, not just a regular shower like at home. You may even have a glass of champagne like in romantic films. Do massage, maybe watch a nice film about love.
  4. If you are both adventurous, take a boat ride or go kayaking, new activities will add some extreme emotions. But it is not the best idea for the first weekend trip together. As you don`t know each other so well, it might be confusing. There are other trip ideas for couples.
  5. What about horse riding together? Such a romantic scene, combine an exciting adventure and take a beautiful photoshoot in the forest, I bet you don`t do it very often.

If you have been in relationship for quite a while, plan the first vacation with a girlfriend. To make it perfect and unforgettable, plan it beforehand. Ask if she likes lazy type of vacation, all inclusive hotels or maybe she prefers hiking in the mountains.

What are top romantic places for vacation?

There are plenty of romantic places to travel, depends on what you prefer more, Europe, Asia or Eastern countries. There are a vast majority of agencies who may help with your trips or if you an experienced traveler, plan everything by yourself.

Here are some romantic vacation ideas for you:

  1. Take a cruise on a big liner together with your girlfriend. It is definitely an experience of a lifetime. Breathtaking views of the ocean from your balcony will take your heart away. It is a fascinating hotel on the water, there is a possibility to have breakfast at the open terrace while floating and observe dolphins swinging in the ocean. In the evening have a romantic deluxe balcony dinner, take a walk on the observation deck and be mesmerized by a night ocean view together with your partner. If you are ready to take a next step in your relationship, it is a perfect place to make a proposal, the team onboard will help you to make it memorable and unforgettable, even the Captain might participate in your personal event. Isn`t it wonderful to have 4000 thousand people as witnesses of your proposal? Seems like an act from a movie, which you are able to make real. Definitely, your girlfriend is going to feel special. If you are already married, join a special event, renewal of vows, which is very touching. The captain makes a speech in a huge ballroom on the highest deck for only 2 of you, recollecting all important dates of yours, gives you a certificate of love as a present to remember.
  2. If you are considering Europe, then you definitely need to head to Italy, all cities are the symbol of love. Cosy streets and fountains add more romance to your trip. Get acquainted with some legends and love stories and take your lady there to unite your hearts. Venice is a place for romantic ideas, have a ride by gondola, surrounded by beautiful architecture. Take a walk through the streets, let yourself to be lost in city magic. If not Italy, what about Santorini? A perfect combination, indulge yourself with a beautiful view. Any place becomes special when you spend it with the loved ones.
  3. If you are both beach lovers, like snorkeling or diving, how about going to some islands? Fiji would be nice visiting, there are plenty of distant detached beaches with local culture, you may even come across some places with no people, only you and nature. Maybe you will be inspired to have a wedding ceremony in the future if you are not married yet.
  4. Dubai…if you want to impress your girlfriend, take her to this amazing city. There is a vast majority of ways to choose, have a dinner at the top of the tallest building in the world, go skydiving together, try a night safari.

No matter where you go, put your heart into it and make it memorable. Remember, it is very important to keep a spark in relationship, be unexpected and surprise your girlfriend.