Ukraine is a wonderful country with lots of unique landscapes and sceneries, distinctive cultural traditions and opportunities to satisfy any traveller. So, if you have decided to organise a trip to Ukraine our article will be of good help to you.

First of all, you must believe us that a trip to Ukraine  does not differ much from a trip to other European countries. It has four components:

  1. How to get there (means of transport and price): hitch-hike, cycle, by car, by bus, by train, by plane (low cost, charter or standard airlines);
  2. Where to live (a tent, a hostel, coachserfing, hotel, a rented apartment, a villa, a yacht);
  3. What to eat (home-made food, restaurant food or other);
  4. What to see and what to do (sights, attractions, active kinds of sports, parties, concerts, photoshooting, etc.)

Of course, you are the one who knows best how to get to Ukraine. If you are going to have a date with one of Ukrainian girls your matchmaker has found for you, you will definitely be told where it is best to live and eat. That is why, our main aim is to tell you how to brighten your trip to Ukraine and show which places you must see.

It will definitely be great to start with Kharkov, since it used to be the first capital of Ukraine and has a lot of sights to delight your traveller’s taste. It does not matter, what time of year you will choose for your trip, you will find a lot to see and do in this wonderful city.

It goes without saying, that, being the capital of Ukraine,  Kyiv has also many things to show you.

If you have never been to Ukraine before, or even if you have visited it, but have not seen Lviv, do not miss a chance to see this city. It will offer you to take part in a lot of traditional festivals, and enjoy its antique architecture in the centre of the city mixed with modern creative cafes like “Kryivka” or “Mazo”.

If you are in Lviv, you must also go to the Western part of Ukraine and see the great Carpathian mountains, or  visit the castles in Uzhgorod, Kamenets-Podolskiy as well as numerous fortresses and mansions, which are worth seeing.

If you like the sea and sunshine, go to Odessa. Have you heard of “Ukrainian Venice”? If you want to see its beauty, take a boat trip and visit the local sanctuary in Vilkovo village.

If you are interested in mysticism, you must visit the Trakhtemirov peninsula. It is one of the Cossacks’ holy places, which can be equal to sacred mount Kailas in Tibet. In case you decide to visit this place, take a chance to visit the memorial and the tomb of T. Shevchenko in Kanev, or go to Tripolye, which is the motherland of one of the ancient civilizations.

All in all, a trip to Ukraine can be interesting even to a choosy traveller, since Ukraine is a unique country.

Finally, no matter where you will go, you must also know how to save money. That is why find out when there is the so-called high season. In Ukraine it can be a different time for different tourist destinations. If you want to ski, but do not want to pay lots of money, do not choose to visit the Carpathian mountains resorts around the New year and Christmas time. It is understandable, that sea resorts have high season in summer and it will not be easy to save any money, since the prices for accommodation, food and entertainment will be the highest.

Still, if the main aim of your trip to Ukraine is to find true love, there is neither high nor low season. So, do not waste time, pack your bag and go for it!