Let’s assume you are out with a hot Ukrainian lady. You are in the restaurant, which you have booked beforehand, and you haven’t forgotten to bring her flowers. Now it is time to try to get to know each other better and to build the conversation.

Let me share with you 10 questions that you should never ever ask a Ukrainian girl especially on the first date.

  • You look tired. Did you have a long day?

This is a huge turn-off for the lady. She has spent hours getting ready for the date and she was looking forward it and “looking tired” is not the impression which she wanted to make. After a question/statement like this the lady for sure will feel less confident and comfortable with you and will try to finish the date sooner and never to see you again.

  • You looked slimmer at your photos. Did you gain weight?

Really? This is the question/statement that you want to ask? Now she feels like murdering you and running away. She also regrets spending hours shopping for the new dress especially for this date and getting her hair done for two hours.

  • Why did you decide to use a matchmaking service/dating site/dating agency? You look so hot, so why couldn’t you just find someone?

If you are asking this question be ready to answer it yourself. Why can’t you just meet someone? Most of singles want to know the answer to this question.

In her head she is already having this conversation with herself:  “Well, perhaps I am super unlucky or I just choose “wrong people” all the time. This is a painful topic for me, so thank you so much for asking. That is truly thoughtful of you.” If you ask a girl uncomfortable questions on the first date, then you should be ready that this will be your first and last date with her.

  • How many men did you date?

OMG! Will your next question be about the first sexual experience or her bra size? If you are not a teenager, than asking questions like this will make you look immature and not serious. This is not a great way to impress the Ukrainian woman.

  • Do you have sex on the first date?

This question doesn’t count as a compliment. It counts only as a huge disrespect. If you want your acquaintance with the Ukrainian lady to have continuation, then you will have to invest more time and energy into it. Thinking that after just one dinner she will be open to have sex is truly naïve. If she agrees, then maybe she was there just for food? : ) Of course every rule has an exception, but don’t forget that exceptions happen really rarely, so don’t count on it that each date of yours with the Ukrainian lady will lead to such an exception.

  • Why do you want to date me?

She has agreed to have the first date with you and she is not sure if this first date will lead to a second or third date. You both are just trying to get to know each other better and to see if there can be chemistry between two of you.

You are not in relationship yet, so after the first date with you she doesn’t have to change her Facebook status to “in relationship” or “engaged”. If she does that, then I definitely don’t recommend asking her out again.

  • Why don’t you want to take a photo with me?

It is always important to watch the signals. If the lady wants to be kissed she will let you know about it. If she is not super excited about the possibility to take a picture with you on the first date then perhaps she had a bad experience before or she hasn’t made up her mind yet if she wants to see you again. Anyway it is not a good idea to create pressure on the first date.

  • Why do you wear so much make-up? You would look so much better without make-up.

This is a rude question to ask. That is the choice of the lady to wear or not to wear make-up. Perhaps she was in the mood to put red lipstick on or she thought it would impress you. If you think that such a statement is a wonderful compliment, I want to assure you that this is a totally losing strategy. The lady will “read” this compliment as “he thinks I am ugly”. She won’t feel comfortable and confident next to you, so for sure she won’t be too excited to see you again anytime soon.

  • Do you often go on dates?

When you ask this question what kind of an answer do you expect? Do you really think she will tell you the exact number of dates she have had this month? Let’s assume the girl wants to give you a super honest answer, but she is facing a dilemma: if she says she has several dates per month, because she really wants to meet someone, but unfortunately all these date sod not turn out into something special, then you can think that she is too picky or what is worse you can decide that she is not serious and is seeking for adventures only. If she tells you that she didn’t have a single date for months, then you can read it like “I have such a boring life and no one wants to date me”. In each scenario this question can put the lady into a tricky position and she can decide that you are not too sensitive.

  • Won’t you finish your salad? I have paid 10$ for it!

After this question for sure she regrets ordering that salad and saying “yes” to a date with you. Dear gentlemen, if you ask a lady out on a dinner date, then you should consider this dinner as a gift to a lady. She can do with her salad whatever she finds necessary – eat it all, leave it on the plate untouched or just pick the olives out of it. Perhaps she is too nervous or excited to eat, or she is afraid to ruin her lipstick, or she has tasted the salad and didn’t like it and now she feel too polite to point out that the choice of the restaurant was not the best.

Conclusions: even though you can be super confident and experienced in dating, from time to time we all tend to make really silly mistakes. All these questions are based on the true experience of real people. It is not a crime to make mistakes. We all are only humans! It is a shame though not to learn on your mistakes. If you repeat the same actions and don’t like the result, well, just change the strategy and you will see that magic exists and the result can be truly different.

From Svetlana Mukha,

with love <3