How to prepare for a first date

When meeting someone for the first time, every person wants to make a pleasant impression, especially if this is a romantic rendezvous. How far to go on a first date? What should a guy pay attention to when preparing to meet a girl? What matters to the fair sex? Let’s figure it out.


First of all, of course, all people pay attention to the face of a new acquaintance. Everyone has different tastes, but cleanliness and health of the skin, clarity of sight can definitely make a good impression on everyone. So, the first advice for a date-seeker goes as follows: it’s enough to get a good night’s sleep before a date, wash and shave (or tidy up his beard) and you are bound to be successful.


The hairstyle is an equally important factor. Well-groomed, washed hair, absence of dandruff and oily sheen only add to your attractiveness in the eyes of a girl.


Never forget about your smile! Are you wondering what to do on a first date? Joke more, laugh sincerely, but before that, to make sure your breath is fresh (and nothing is stuck in your teeth). Remember: regular visits to the dentist and the absence of bad habits will make your smile simply amazing!


A fit, athletic figure enhances the positive impression. It is not at all necessary to be a “jock”, as not everyone likes it. Just remember to go to the gym, exercise, and go jogging. Healthy and active people are definitely attractive in the eyes of others, and this is good for you too. An athletic body shows your determination, and maybe throw in several topics to discuss with a girl.


Among things to do first, date experts mention manicure, which not only girls must appreciate! Absolutely all people need to keep their hands and nails clean, and free from burrs. Ladies always pay attention to the companion’s hands. So, do not feel shame: many nail masters now do simple men’s manicure.


Our next advice on first date image is to be careful when choosing shoes. The pair that does not match the clothes can instantly ruin the impression. But the most important thing is its good condition and cleanliness because women “hate unclean shoes”, remember?


Even if the appearance has made quite a pleasant impression, a bad upbringing and lack of good manners can definitely cancel everything out. Therefore, do not forget the simplest tips of first date manners: help a girl put on her coat, hold the door, give your hand whenever it is needed. These actions will make you much more attractive in the eyes of your companion and those around you.

What to talk about

Now about the most important thing: how to act on a first date? It is very easy to scare a woman away with your activity, constant and sometimes inappropriate jokes, and an abundance of personal topics in a conversation. But you shouldn’t be embarrassed, you shouldn’t be silent either. Try to find a middle ground. Do not talk only about yourself all the time – show your interest in the woman, ask questions (but not too many), do not forget about compliments. And of course, watch your speech, avoid rudeness, parasitic words, vulgar jokes, and ambiguities.


Money is an important element of preparation wherever you go. Even if you have booked the restaurant, paid in advance and took, as you thought, the required amount of cash, then take more. The bill may be higher, and you may find yourself in an awkward situation when a girl might embarrassedly take out money from her purse to pay for a barely familiar guy, which won’t add you any points.

Think over the route in advance

Just decide on where to go in a date course beforehand. Spontaneous decisions are good, but not in this case. After all, the lady also prepares and your crazy turns may seem terrible to her, at least because she might feel uncomfortable wearing shorts and a T-shirt in an elite restaurant.

Don’t bother too much

The last of our first date rules is not to be nervous. Be prepared as something can go wrong, the girl could turn out to be a fool, and you dump the fool even with all our advice. It is not the end of the world. You will have many more dates and excessive nervousness can reduce the joy of what is happening. It is a serious test both you and a woman have to take. So, besides trying to seem perfect, take a closer look at the girl. Perhaps you go your separate ways, or she does not like your helpfulness and excessive care. Keep it simple and enjoy the moment. Good luck!

Valeria Matskevich With Love.