If you are a client of an international matchmaking agency, you are definitely looking for your future wife outside your country. A day comes and you meet HER. You have some wonderful dates, you seem to like each other, spend a weekend in the countryside, even have sex, but… you ARE from different countries. The moment comes and you have to come back home, to your family, home and business. The question arises: what’s next? If this is love at first sight and in a week you have proposed to her, everything is fine. You are preparing for your marriage. But if you are not ready to make a proposal in one or two weeks, but want to get to know the girl better, you must find the way to reveal your relationship status to her, so that even miles away from each other, you both could understand that you are a couple and your intentions are serious.

Being a woman, I can tell you that understanding what relationship status you have with a man, especially the one who is going to leave to another country for some time, is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for us, women. And the first thing you should do, especially when you are still beside your foreign girlfriend is to prove that you are ready to do everything she asks. (Of course within reasonable limits). Still, you must not do it only because this article or psychologists say so, it has to be your own wish, which will give YOU pleasure.  For example, at one of the dates SHE says she likes chocolates called “The Meteorite”. What do you have to do? Don’t forget about it and bring a box of exactly these sweets to the next date. Surprise her.  

Remember about your appearance. Try to be within HER eyeshot and attract her attention. Dress smartly, be shaved, have good hair and perfume. The girl must understand that you want her to like you.

Another way to show a girl that your relationship status is far from friendship is to touch her. What do I mean by this? We, women, believe that you, men, care about us if you touch us gently, lightly, unobtrusively, tactically, especially during a walk, dinner in a café, in a crowded or secluded place. You can give a light touch to our hand, back, elbow, while helping us to get out of the car…

When you are away from each other, the key sign that your relationship status is serious is that you communicate every day. You have long telephone conversations, write thousands of romantic messages, and send her small presents and/or flowers.

No matter how strange it may seem one of the best ways to show you care about a girl is to be jealous. Yes. That is true. If you are in love with the girl, you will definitely want to “guard” her from your potential rivals. Still remember, that overdoing with jealousy can hurt you both. Just show HER that you are ready to fight for her without making her want to hide somewhere because one of her male friends came up to her and you didn’t like it.

However, despite everything that I have written above, the main proof that you are a couple is your flush statement. You do not hide your girl from your friends, tell them that she is your girlfriend and you ARE  serious about it. You are not shy to be sincere in your intentions. If she is more than just a “convenient” woman beside you, protect her, support and do not let anyone offend her, even if you are far from each other for some reason. In such a case, your relationship status will be quite clear to you, your girl and even people around you.