A date is an inseparable part of making a new acquaintance with the girl you liked.  It is a meeting during which you both can communicate and decide if this first date is good or bad and whether you want to continue communicating with each other. you will definitely prepare for this day and come “all-armed” – good-looking, well-dressed, well-shaved, with a bouquet of flowers and good mood, but…this does not guarantee that your date will be a success.

Sometimes it happens so, that you like the girl a lot, but you do something wrong during the date and the girl makes a bad impression about you. Does it mean that it is all over? Fortunately, there is a way out and you can save the bad date with the help of our advice.  

What mistakes can you make during the date and how to get over them?


  • You are too pushy.


A man’s being pushy and impudent makes women dislike him. Of course, most men do not behave like this; still this is the most frequent mistake. For example, if you are too active trying to get her phone number or ask her to see you once again, she may think you are pushing on her and reduce your chances for good end.

In case you see that the girl is getting irritated, stop pushing, return to a conversation “about the sweet and the sour”, be as cheerful and charming as you can and do not try to make any impression on her.   

If you have done something wrong, control your words and actions and try to reduce the negative impression; take a break. To save the bad date in such a case, tell the girl that you need to make a call, or go to the bathroom and let her think whether she wants to give you her phone number or not. When you come back to her and the conversation goes on smoothly, ask her carefully whether she has changed her mind about giving you her phone number. Say something witty at long last…


  • You are too shy.


Being shy is also something that women dislike of men. If the first impression you have made on the girl is positive, but you are not active at all, waiting for her to make some steps and give you her phone number, you can get into her “friend zone” just because you are “a good guy”. The best advice here for you is to be braver. Ask her if she wants to have another date with you and offer to give her a call to discuss the date and time. Or, you could even offer to give her your phone number. (But this is quite risky because she may either call you back or not. You cannot be sure…)


  • She saw you looking at other girls.


It is a natural situation for men to look at other women; however it is not an excuse, especially if you want the girl to like you. If you look at other girls, SHE will think you are rude and not worth trusting.

That is why, if the woman you are dating has caught you looking at other women, the date will definitely be spoilt. What you have to do to save your bad date in such a case is not to pretend that you have not done anything, but try to turn it into a joke, depending on the situation. Or you could say that this girl you are looking at goes to the same gym with you, or she is your colleague’s friend, or you have seen her profile on the Internet. After that immediately change the topic of discussion. However, do not think that it will work every time. Be very careful if you do like the girl!


  • Talking about your ex-girlfriends.


Frankly speaking, this is the most stupid thing you can do. In case you start telling about your “ex-s” SHE can think you are emotionally unstable person, who does not notice a charming beautiful woman sitting in front of him.   

If you go into such a talk, the best way to save your bad date is to stop this conversation immediately and never to come back. It is possible that the girl will want you to tell her about your previous woman, try to skip the topic saying that it just did not work out and concentrate your attention on the girl you are dating right now, switch the topic and show your deep and open interest in her.


  • You have offended her unintentionally.


Keep in mind that the first impression can be ruined by anything. Any joke or comment that you make either about the girl you are dating or about other people can make your date a bad one. If you are lucky, you both will laugh, if not, you will have to apologize and of course you will have to spend some time to make amends for your behavior.

Finally, you must understand that it is never late to try to change the girl’s attitude to you. The most important is to act immediately and be absolutely sincere in your intentions and feelings. That is how you can save your bad date and continue relationships with the girl you like.