How to seduce a woman?

When you look at someone, you feel sexually attracted. Has it ever happened to you? I bet it did. Why? You can explain it as a special energy coming from the person. Some people are naturally seductive, for example females. They have an ability to turn you on without even batting an eyelash. But what about men? With a little bit of practice you may learn how to be seductive to women.

First let`s define what is a seduction. It is a sexual attraction of an opposite sex to you. What are the ways to seduce women?

  1. Wear clothes that reveal the best parts of your body. There is no universal sexy outfit. Wear a perfume which blows her mind. Smelling nice is tremendously seductive. Don`t put too strong scents, it might bring the opposite effect.
    Looks play an important role.
  2. Eye contact seduction. Trying to be seductive, don`t turn it into a staring contest though. You may shift your gaze from eyes to lips and then look away. But avoid doing it at the very beginning of the date, it is a very intimate gesture.
  3. Using the name of the girl by lowering your voice. It is a way to draw attention.
  4. Compliments are your best friends. In order to know how to seduce any woman, you should master giving relevant compliments. It is a key to a lady`s heart.
  5. Act like you worth a million dollars, be confident. Girls are getting seduced more often by confident men, who know what they do and why. Confidence is a bridge to be irresistible.
  6. Make a lady feel special. Have a genuine interest to her personality, be engaging.
  7. Touch is a powerful tool, but it needs time. Sit closer, slowly touch her hand. Be in tune with her needs and desires and it is going to bring mutual pleasure.
  8. Intelligence is sexy. A sharp mind beats any outfit.
  9. Smiling is what makes you attractive. Witty jokes and a good sense of humor are the best features for a man.

Many books say that there are several steps which you go through. What you must remember, you might go through each stage completely, thoroughly, in the correct order, or you may change the order of the stages or skip some of them. Here they are:

Find a lady.

Get to know each other.


Get closer.

Have intimacy.

In case you have missed out on any of the steps, you will not have a chance to build relationship. You will have to start with going through those you have missed. For example, if you have started with sex, you have missed getting to know each other as people. Relationship between you is not only between a male and a female, but also between a person and a person. Even though you already have had sex and your relationship has already started.

If you have not gone through the attraction phase, i.e. she has liked you as a person not as a man, you are likely to face difficulties since you lack mutual «attraction».

So, what is the usual number of dates needed to allure a girl? Some books say that the most frequent variant is a «three dates» model. This is classical and the easiest way, which does not need you to apply special methodic.

The model is absolutely special because it is socially adequate. What do I mean by this? Millions of women around the world are seduced by men following this model and nobody tells them they are acting in a strange way. But in our culture it is not a standard way. Especially if it comes to international dating.

Seducing is not a witchcraft, get to know her better, ladies love with ears. But be careful with your words. What can make one girl turn on, the other might react differently.