Part 2. The first date.

In the previous chapter of the article you have learned about the “three dates” model of seducing a woman and already know that it is very important to go through all the stages to reach your goal. However the order and the length of each stage can be different.

Therefore, let us start with telling you everything you need to know about the preparatory stage and the first date.

As you know, the “zero” or preparatory stage is to find and find out the girl’s name. The main task here is very obvious and simple: you have to find the girl and find out her name. At this stage, even if both you and the girl cannot continue communication right here and right now, you must exchange your phone numbers or other contact details for further communication. All actions that you do before the first factual meeting with the girl will be considered a “zero” preparatory stage.

The main aim of this stage is to do whatever it takes to make the girl come to the first date.

Instruments: your ability to start conversation and being able to get a woman interested quickly.

The time: not more than fifteen minutes. In case your “zero” meeting lasts longer, it turns into the first date.

When you have made the girl interested in you and you have agreed to go on the first date, the question arises: “how to lead this date?” So, here is our answer.

The first date actually takes the most important and meaningful place in the structure of seduction. It undoubtedly influences the further relationship. That is why it is very important to make it a success.

Usually, the first date is getting to know the girl’s inner world and her inner self. The impressions you will get and make will definitely play an important part in your communication.  Therefore, you have two main tasks to fulfill during the first date:

  1. Show yourself an adequate person and establish the certain level of rust.
  2. Make the girl take a maximum interest in you.

To successfully fulfill your first task, you must choose a place which is not noisy, however quite crowded. That is because if you choose a secluded place for the date, the girl may get scared and will not come at all. On the other hand, if you choose an overcrowded place, you will not have a chance to talk and concentrate on each other.  

The most usual scenario for the first date with a girl is a meeting in a nice place (café or restaurant) and holding a simple conversation about life. Do not take it too serious and think of it as of presenting yourselves to each other. The girl is looking at you, you are looking at the girl and you both decide whether you want to continue communicating with each other.  

How can you fulfill the second task and make the girl take a maximum interest in you? To do that, you must show her your personality first of all. To “hook” a woman of a definite level, you must show her certain qualities, which she wants to see in a man. And a certain combination of these qualities can be either enough for her or not. (i.e. it will either bring about her emotional reaction or not.)

Remember that the first date has two very important moments:

First: do not make it last too long. One or two hours are more than enough time for you to decide whether you want to see each other or not.

Second: finish the date as soon as you understand that you have reached the secondary aim – you have managed to get her maximum interest in you.

Has everything gone the right way? Then prepare for the second date. But first read about how to organize it and what to do in the next part of our article.