Three dates model. First date

Perhaps, you have already heard about the “three dates model” of seducing a lady. Let us remind you that all the stages of dating are essential, however, the sequencing of steps could differ. What do you have to do on a first date? Looking for cute or unique first date ideas? Let us discuss the romantic rendezvous and the preparatory stage.

If you get acquainted with a girl on Tinder or another dating app, drinking coffee together can be a great idea. A romantic rendezvous is related to getting to know somebody better outside of the constraints in which you met — online, through an app, through a friend, etc. By grabbing coffee, you’re likely to discover more about a woman.

However, if you contact the matchmaking agency to find your significant other, lunch or dinner will give you the chance to get to know each other or some quiet time to talk and create memories. Actually, hiring a professional matchmaker, you’ve already made investments in your love. Obviously, you need to justify the higher level of expectations. Therefore, a nice dining establishment seems to be perfect because it’s public and pretty safe. Needless to say, the meeting may be a stressful experience and you need fifteen or twenty minutes to calm down.

Dinner takes a while and if you’re too shy or nervous, willing to escape, you both will have a great opportunity to take your time. Lunch or dinner is often a little more formal. A lady would be eager to dress up and do her hair. She’d rather prefer to wear a new elegant gown. The atmosphere of a fancy restaurant helps you relax and creates a romantic mood. The upside is if the two of you hit it off you can spend a bit more time together. If you seem to connect, you’ll be able to talk for hours.

A gift is not required, but going the extra mile earns you points. In Ukraine, a charming bouquet of flowers is a good choice. It seems old-fashioned, but in our country, most women are big fans of flowers and appreciate romantic gestures.

Some women can be a bit intimidated, so take charge of the conversation if it isn’t flowing easily. Are you ready to consider good first date questions? Ask the woman about herself and listen to the response before talking. No more than 50% of the conversation should be about you. Also, stay away from politics or religion. To “hook” a girl to a certain extent, you should show her your qualities like intelligence, responsibility, and kindness, and demonstrate your personality. Stick to at least three compliments throughout the rendezvous: one on how she looks, one on personality, and one on passions and interests.

At the end of the meeting, make sure to mention that you had a good time and thank her for taking you up on the offer. You may kiss her on the first date if she leans in. Reach out to the girl the next day, whether by text or phone call, and let the lady know that you would like to go out with her again soon.