How to seduce someone

Admit it, the question “how to seduce a girl fast?” has appeared in your head, just like in other men’s heads more than once.

What does seduce mean? A lot of Internet manuals uncover this mystery and give lots of advice on how to seduce a woman with body language or with any other ways possible. However, we offer you the most optimal, and most importantly, effective method. If you follow the steps described below, you will learn how to become the object of a girl’s sexual desire and what to do to ensure that the relationship with her moves to the “next” level.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to run to the tanning salon and buy all the fashion items in branded boutiques. Naturally, physical attractiveness plays an important role in the process of seduction, but in fact, a woman’s attention can be easily won, while having a rather mediocre appearance. The most important condition: your appearance should be harmonious and not cause negative reactions. In other words, make sure that there are no stains on your clothes and that your socks and armpits smell if not fresh, then at least neutral.

Also remember about toothpaste and chewing gum, because bad breath will undermine all your chances to spend an unforgettable night with the desired girl. So, the words that should be learned like ABC: cleanliness and neatness. These items include a pleasant smell, well-groomed nails, clean clothes, and washed hair, and create the seducing look you need so much.


A rare girl will agree to sex, having purely visual sympathy. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you find a topic that will interest your lady and start rapprochement with her at a personal level. At the very beginning of a relationship, active looking for the ways to seduce your partner should be relegated to the background. She must first see you as a friend. And friendship, as you know, begins from the moment when something in common appears between people and connects them.

Shared beliefs, interests, friends, plans for the future, similar situations from the past, or places that you both have been to could become such bonds. The more of these there are between you, the easier and more open your relationship will be. Similar personalities feel a natural attraction to each other sooner or later.


Now let’s move on to the most important question: how to seduce someone. Friendship is certainly good, but if you miss an important point, then you will not go to the next level. Therefore, developing a friendly connection you should slowly get closer to HER with the help of intimate moments. But how to do it right? When during the communication the common points mentioned in the previous paragraph come up, you both experience a surge of comfort. There is a feeling of joy and surprise: you have found another common theme. This brings you closer together. It is at such moments of emotional outbursts that you need to quietly activate and deepen the intimacy of your connection.


In the process of enticing a woman, a competent sequence of advancement through her erogenous zones plays a huge role. Your chosen one should feel maximum comfort all the time, and therefore each subsequent intimate zone, to which you move, should be a little more intimate than the previous one. Despite the fact that the body of each girl is unique, there is still a rough sequence: start with the palms, then move on to the elbows and shoulders. Next – knees and hips, and then gentle kisses on the face, chest, etc.


Paradoxical as it may sound, but among the seduction techniques to attract anyone, you will hardly find advice to think about how to entice a woman. First of all, get yourself turned on. Your chosen one will feel the desire much faster if she sees how much you want her. Therefore, during communication, touching, and kissing, try to get as excited as possible. When she not only feels absolute comfort in communicating with you but also how great your desire is, it’s in the bag. Your chosen one will soon pounce on you herself.


If the communication between you is absolutely comfortable, and at the same time you are sexually excited – know: the process of seduction will soon reach its final because she herself is no longer against having sex with you. From now on, you need to show masculine determination, the ability to act, and the ability to provide a comfortable environment for an unforgettable night of love.

For example, if at moment X you are having a wonderful time with a glass of wine in a cozy restaurant, gently whisper to the lady about your intention to change the place to a more comfortable one, quickly call a taxi and, with a minimum of information about where and for what business you are going, take her to your place. The most important thing is not to miss that thin thread that will lead your chosen one anywhere: her sexual desire.


And the last but very important rule of the ideal seducer. Sometimes women have very conflicting thoughts that can interfere with both of you. Despite the fact that she is exhausted from desire, she will also be tormented by various kinds of beliefs that society has imposed on her for years. Therefore, you must do everything so that she understands a simple truth: you are the only one to blame for such a lightning-fast development of events. It is for this reason that you make all decisions yourself, being very flexible but persistent.

Try to follow these basic rules, and you will be able to enchant the girls you previously dreamed of only in your deepest fantasies. Remember: everything is in your hands!

Valeria Matskevich With Love.