One of the reason to fall in love with the Kharkov girl is the Kharkov city. When you start to have a long-distance relationship with a girl you will have a relationship with her city automatically. Kharkov is a lovely place for falling in love and spending a romantic time with your beloved Kharkov girl. Kharkov is the city with many opportunities, numerous of restaurants and bars, many places to go and many activities to do.

If you are an active couple it will be a good idea to rent the bicycles and have a ride by the special cycling road that is lasted near the forest park. You can arrange a romantic picnic in the middle of the way, have a rest from the big city and spend a quality time with your Kharkov girl on the nature.

If you and your sweetheart prefer a calm and quiet time spending, you will find plenty of country hotels there. Usually that type of hotels are located by the rivers or lakes and surrounded by fascinating nature. Countryside hotels can offer you not only the cozy facilities but pools with the Ukrainian saunas what will warm you up and introduce you with the Ukrainian traditions as well. You can have a walk by the river hand to hand with your beloved Kharkov girl or pick mushrooms in the forest. You can enjoy some spa procedures and ask for the romantic decoration of your room. It looks like a perfect weekend for couple in love from the big city.

If you decided to stay in the city, the fact that many of restaurants, cafes and bars are opened 24/7 in Kharkov will really surprise you. Whatever cuisine you and your Kharkov girl would like to have for dinner you will definitely find it in Kharkov. You will be served with breakfast any time you wish so it`s not necessarily to wake up early in the morning. Kharkov city understands your needs and can meet the needs even of a very picky guest. There are plenty of karaoke bars, disco clubs, bowling and billiard clubs, pubs with the shows that will not let you and your Kharkov girl to be bored.

Kharkov can offer you its historical pieces and show you the old streets, breathtaking architecture and many interesting monuments. What can be better than exploring the city together with your soul mate? You can choose from the diversity of museums the one according to your interests and visit it.

In winter time you can do winter sports at Kharkov Switzerland. It`s an artificial mountain ski resort right in the city. There are two indoor skating rinks located in malls with many nice shops, cinemas and cafes. Outdoor rink you will find on the Freedom Square in the heart of the city during the Christmas time.

Many performances and concerts happen in Kharkov all the time. Citizens of Kharkov are never bored. There you often can see food festivals, marathons or flash mobs that are arranged by government of Kharkov for its citizens.

Kharkov is your friend that will help and support you in your relationship with the Kharkov girl.

Kharkov is a very friendly, multifaceted and romantic city that will help you to amaze your love. You can count on Kharkov!