Has sex become a routine thing for you? Do you want to know how to improve it and add more spice?

How to add some taste and fire to your sex routine

The first sex tip we want to give you is to forget about pajamas. What can be better than touching your partner’s skin with yours? Even if you are not in the mood for sex, the absence of any clothes on you will create it. Getting naked under the blanket will signal both your partner and you that you are ready for sex. Agree that the sight of a naked body cannot leave anyone indifferent.

The next sex tip from us is to get enough sleep. When you are tired, you are very likely to have some sexual problems. While high-quality sleep equals to high-quality sex. Therefore, you must sleep at least 8 hours.

People, like animals, react to smells. So, it will be good to add some aroma to yourself, or if you are used to wearing perfume, change the flavor to attract the partner.

As an African saying goes – a full stomach kills desire, so we advise you to have dinner not later than 18.00. Moreover, if you eat something like pasta or ice-cream, you risk staying without sex as your organism will be busy digesting heavy fuel and have no strength for anything else.

Believe it or not, but our next sex tip for you is to laugh together. Watch some old comedies or “Naked and Funny” show. This will make your heart beat faster, get your blood flowing and evoke some hot thoughts. Moreover, having fun together makes you closer and you seem to be more desired.

Reading before sleep can also help.  Take some erotic book and read it to yourself, or together with your partner. This will help you tune up for the necessary “program”.

Change the place. Wander around your house and think of the place where you could make love apart from the bedroom. You could use the bathroom, the kitchen, an old rocking chair, a writing table, etc. Make a competition with a partner for the most unusual idea. Maybe now you will understand why you have bought this treadmill…

Take a break. This sex tip may sound strange; however, if you book a room in a hotel near your office and spend a lunch break with your partner there, you will feel as if you are on vacation. The unusual setting will create vacation mood and your sex will be of a vacation quality.

Another way to spice up your sex life is to be quick. What do I mean? Quick sex – is what can brighten your life at least by showing you how you desire each other and how quickly you get excited with each other. What is more, such “quick meetings” will soon get into a habit of regular sex, which is also good.

Changing roles can give an unforgettable taste to your sex. Tell the partner that she or he is the boss tonight and their every wish must be fulfilled. In the morning remind that the next night is yours. Such a schedule will make you fantasize about what you can expect from the partner. Or in the morning, when your beloved leaves for work, whisper them what you are waiting for from them in bed and both of you will spend the day in anticipation.

This sex tip may also sound strange, but still, you definitely have to go outside. Sex in the fresh air – in the yard, on the beach, on the balcony – is really an experience. Getting into extreme conditions will make your organism emit dopamine into blood, which will stimulate the brain enjoyment receptors.

Become a porn star and forget about usual positions. Create the wildest scenario in your head and make it real in the evening. Try some new sex positions and you will surely discover some unforgettable emotions.

The last sex tip we want to share is as follows: buy yourself a toy. And this is where I am not talking about a teddy bear or a Barbie-doll. Go to a shop for adults and buy something interesting. You could start with underwear and then look at some gadgets.