You may have already heard that Internet is full of frauds. People who are ready to pay for the opportunity to find their true love are easy pray for dating scammers. If you don’t want to join these trustful romantics, you’ll find our tips on how to recognize a dating scammer on dating sites useful.

How to Spot an Online Dating Scammer?

  1. Everything starts with a profile. A dating scammer’s main purpose is to get your attention. That’s why her profile will stand out from the others. Her photos are gorgeous while profile information can leave nobody indifferent. We will not deny that you can really meet beautiful women with a big heart. Quite often you can meet them among Ukrainian women. However, before you fall for one of them pay attention to the following tips.
  2. If you started communication with a dating scammer, she would make every effort to appeal to you, win the trust and make you fall in love with her. Such women can be  excellent psychologists who know the ways of intriguing a man. Being outgoing, demonstrating genuine interest in your life and readiness to support you anytime they’ll have all the features you were looking for in your partner. You’ll feel as if you’ve found your one like in a fairy tale.
  3. To recognize a dating site scammer on the stage of communication, ask her for a date. You can also ask her for a Skype call to make sure she is a real person. As a rule, after such a request dating scammers disappear. Some of them will need to leave for a business trip, some will complain about bad internet connection or terrible workload. Be careful reading these excuses.
  4. The face of an angel and an altruistic personality of a dating scammer can tell you about her “charity”. She supports sick parents, negligent sister, takes part in programmes for support of the homeless being a staunch environmentalist. Her image is unquestionable so that you offer help without a doubt. At first she refuses as it’s unfair for you, it’s not your choice and so on. At this moment it is you who insist on financial backing and any other kind of support
  5. The last advice that will help you to expose a dating site scammer is the fact that she’s pretending to be a victim. If you start asking personal questions or trying to get information that will damage her image, she’ll take an offense. She’ll question your trust, make you explain your interest, get annoyed if you start monitoring her. If a dating scammer feels that her fraud is close to be exposed she’ll make you feel guilty for the unnecessary suspiciousness and stop talking to you.

Life is full of surprises and potholes. People who are aware of this fact succeed in avoiding troubles. If you are still alone and want to find your true love on the dating site, do not hesitate and start searching. However, be careful and remember our tips. If you don’t trust the Internet, you should ask a matchmaking agency. At least, you’ll deal with real people who will introduce you to real women and they won’t turn into dating scammers. We wish you good luck!