You have probably heard more than once that Internet is a good place for scammers. Every day people, who are not attentive enough, get fooled by those, who seek to find losers ready to give money for their possible true love. If you do not want to become one of those “poor victims” you will definitely find our advice on how to spot an online dating scammer useful.

How to Spot an Online Dating Scammer?

  1. It all starts with a profile. The main task, which an online dating scammer has is to attract you. Therefore, their profile will stand out of others. The photos will be great and attractive and touch your eye; while the information you will find in the profile description will surely touch your heart. Still, it happens so that women, especially  Ukrainians, are really beautiful and have a good heart. So, you could start communication, but check out for the next signs.
  2. When you start communicating with an online dating scammer, they will do whatever it takes to make you like them and trust them, or even make you fall in love with them. Such people are good psychologists and they will know what exactly to do to make you like them from the very first moment. They will have exactly the same qualities you have been seeking for. They will be communicative, ready to support you and, they will be really interested in you and your life. You will feel, you have found your one so quickly. Isn’t that a miracle?
  3. The next thing which may help you spot an online dating scammer is to offer them a meeting in real life. You could also ask for a Skype session or at least a call to check if the person you are talking to is real. The usual thing scammers do in such a situation is disappear. Some have to move to another country or a city on a business trip, others have no Internet connection, or the time you offer could be inacceptable for them as they are overloaded with work. So beware!
  4. Having an angelic and really altruistic personality an online dating scammer will always be telling you about their “charity” activity. They will be helping their sick parent or unfortunate sister. They could also be doing a special project to help homeless people, environment or stray animals. They will be as good as God and you will not have a second to think before you offer them your help. At this moment they will not accept it. They will say that they cannot accept anything from you, that is not fair, that is not your choice, and so on. And YOU will be the one, who will make them accept your financial or other assistance.
  5. The last thing that will help you understand if you are communicating with an online dating scammer or not is their playing a victim. If you start asking too personal questions or the questions which may harm the scammer, they will become defensive. They will put your trust to them under question, they will ask why you want to know this, they will be very disappointed about your checking them and if they feel that you could understand who they really are, they will make you feel guilty for being too suspicious and break up with you.

Summarising everything that I have written above, I want to tell you that life is full of surprises and underwater stones. However, people, who know about them have a chance to escape misfortunes. If you are still alone and are thinking of finding your real love with the help of an online dating site, do not hesitate and go for it. But be careful and remember about our advice. If you do not trust sites, but need help in finding your better half, addressing a matchmaking agency will be a good idea. At least you will talk to real people, who will make sure that you will meet real girls, who will not scam you. Good luck!