Your first ever vacation with your Ukrainian girlfriend can become a magical experience as well as the one, after which both you and she will have to consult a psychiatrist. How to make it an unforgettable time of your life? Read our tips and you will definitely be not only a survivor, but also the winner!

How to Survive Your First-Ever Vacation as a Couple?

Choose the place to go together

You and your Ukrainian girlfriend have to make a common decision on where to spend your vacation. It is better to go to the place where neither of you has been. If you insist on going somewhere you have been and liked, you will be responsible for any misfortunes that might happen: bad coffee, long queue to the museum or not a cozy hotel room…

I am sure that both you and SHE have some place you would like to visit, maybe even more than one. So, write them down together with your lady and choose. But, of course, do not forget to check the weather, currency and visa for that country.

Decide on who pays for the holiday

Depending on your budget, you will have to choose where to go. That is why, we advise to discuss this with your Ukrainian girlfriend before you buy plane tickets. Being a lady, I would definitely appreciate if my partner paid for the holiday, but… if I earn more than my man, or I know that if I do not pay for anything we will not have a chance to go somewhere good, I will offer him to share the payments. What sense is there to pay less and feel some discomfort?

The issue of money is important, so, you have to think of how much you will spend on food, transport and entertainment. Make sure that neither you nor your girl will be infringed. When you have the approximate number, multiply it by one and a half. That will be the amount of money you need to take with you.

Do not take many clothes with you

Of course it does not matter what you are wearing walking along the streets of Paris, but, your Ukrainian girlfriend is unlikely to share this point of view. She will surely want to look stunning every day, so she will take anything she needs to make you feel proud walking beside her. That is why, if you have one suitcase for two of you, we offer you to pack your things either in a rucksack, which will be easier to carry than two suitcases, or think of the minimum number of clothes to take with you because the maximum space will be occupied by your girl’s things.

Do not be afraid to have rest in a different way

All people are different, so it is not surprising that you may like active rest, while your Ukrainian girlfriend will prefer to stay on the beach and relax in the sun. Not to spoil each other’s day and mood in such a case, you will have to split for a while, or… Before going somewhere choose five activities you both would enjoy, or places you would like to visit, and you will not have to argue about what to do.

Prepare to communicate 24 hours a day

Yes, having rest together, you must understand that you are not at work and if you choose some deserted island where nothing special happens, you might not have something to talk about. That is why try to choose places, where you will always have what to do.

Or, speaking of the previous tip, if you have different views on rest, you can split for a some time: while one of you is reading a book on the beach, another can go jet skiing and then share the news with each other. What is more, if you feel that there is too much of communication, such a decision (to split for a while) will be a good idea to let each other have some rest.

Do not be shy to take a lot of pictures

First, if you take pictures of your Ukrainian girlfriend only, how will you ever remember that you have been together? And secondly, looking at the picture, you can tell if your relationship will have any perspective or not.

Minimize routine

Being yourself is good advice, however, this first vacation together will be your first ever chance to live together. That is why your first holiday together should be spent in a hotel with booked meals and room cleaning. Yes, it might be more expensive, but having such a holiday you have more chances not to want to change the tickets on the second day of your living together.

Try to avoid shopping

Or activate all the patience that you have. If one of you is a shopping lover, while the other does not share this passion, think of a compensation for yourself beforehand. Wait for your partner in a café or meditate.

Make sure that everything suits you

Frankly speaking, that is what it is all about. This trip will let you two understand how serious you are and if you want to continue your relationship. This is like a game in which every move matters. You have let your Ukrainian girlfriend sit next to the window on a plane, or starve to death in search for a cheaper place to eat… then your game is over.

Travel with someone you like

No matter how hard you try to follow the previous tips, nothing will work if you do not like the girl you are going to travel with. If you have any doubts, you have to dismiss them before going anywhere.

Valeria Matskevich, with love