According to the statistics about 80% of couples suffer from distrust, which is quite a high indicator. However, it is well-known that long and strong relationship is based first on trust, which is very difficult to get and absolutely easy to lose.

What makes it difficult to be sincere and why do you face the question “how to trust your girlfriend?” Suspicion is caused by fear, worries, bad experience from the previous relationship, doubts… This list could be quite long, since each of us has faced the problem of distrust.

I am sure you will agree with me saying that if you cannot trust your girlfriend, many important aspects of your relationship like happiness, support and intimacy are not possible. Remember: distrust has high destructive capacity and you must get rid of it!

If you have asked yourself how to trust your girlfriend, the first advice I can give you is to start with working on yourself and your perception of the world around you, since the girl, herself, may not be the direct cause. You have to learn to look at your relationship here and now, without looking back to your previous experience, especially if it was unsuccessful and left bad memories.

The next thing you must definitely do is avoid mousing HER betrayal. Remember that sometimes she is late and does not answer your phone call is just because she is busy. Do not make her report you on any occasion as it really irritates and has bad influence on her feelings to you. Do not make your girlfriend invent any excuses, since being in relationship with you does not mean she is not a free person and has no right for some free space.

If you really want to trust your girlfriend, you must initially believe her. Do not check her phone and bag in search of evidence of her dishonesty. It is absolutely humiliating for both of you. Moreover, biased attitude makes your imagination distort facts and turn them into the evidence of betrayal. It is important to remember about the sense of humor in difficult situations and instead of shouting, demanding for personal report and arguing you should support your lady since anyone can get into a ludicrous situation in which they are not guilty.

It is better to try to see only the best qualities in your girlfriend and not to forget to tell her compliments and other nice words. Show that you trust your girlfriend and it will make it easier for you to establish open and sincere relationship.

Many people think of how to begin to trust, however not many really want it. Few men can change their outlook, which is much more difficult than ruin the relationship with a woman you love. However, you must also think about how your life will change, if you manage to clear your mind from the negative images of the past.  

Trust is the way to strengthen your relationship. You must not lie to each other and constantly check. It is better to spend your time walking and communicating with each other. Do not be shy to ask questions and give sincere answers to the questions asked.

Never pretend and always be yourself, no matter if you are in good mood, tired or angry. It is not possible to speak of trust if you create illusions…

A heart-to-heart talk is a very important factor in establishing trust between you and your girlfriend. What does “heart-to-heart” talk mean? That is when your girl does not guess what you think, but she knows it. Of course, sometimes it is very difficult to have a sincere conversation with your better half, however, it is a must, especially if there is any suspicion. Do you want to know how to hold a productive conversation? Here are some tips for you:

  1. Do not be shy to ask direct questions and never say you have guessed what your girl wanted to say or meant. Just wait a couple of minutes and you will not need to make any guesses.
  2. When your lady is speaking, do not interrupt her. Listen up to the end. This will help you to understand the thread of her thoughts.
  3. During the conversation do not even think of instantly checking the information you have just heard from your girlfriend.
  4. Always try to speak up your mind. This will help your lady to see the situation in detail and understand your feelings.
  5. Remember that true love can forgive many things. And it will be easier and more interesting to communicate if you and your girlfriend try to understand each other. In case one of you tries to prove that his/her opinion is more important, or the only one, he/she will lose, since it will not be love, but the wish to compel the other person to your will.

Finally, if you want to trust your girlfriend, just remember that it is only possible when you are sincere yourself and do not lie both to her and to yourself. Do not look for any award for your good attitude to your woman. The state of absolute trust, mutual support, respect and love is the highest award.