How to trust your girlfriend?

What are the signs of it in a romantic relationship?

  1. You respect physical and emotional boundaries.
  2. You feel committed to your partner.
  3. You support each other and you don`t have any secrets to hide.
  4. You don`t hurt your partner`s feelings and you know you can be vulnerable with him.
  5. You are not afraid to share your affection feelings to each other.

If you often doubt a beloved one, it is caused by fear, worries, bad experience from the past, doubts… This list might be quite long. Remember: distrust has high destructive capacity and you must get rid of it!

If you do not trust her, the first advice I can give you is to start with working on yourself and your perception of the world around you, since the girl, herself, may not be the direct cause. You should be here and now, taking only good things from your previous experience, especially if it was unsuccessful and left bad memories.

The next thing you must definitely do is avoid mousing betrayal. She can be late and does not answer you just because she is busy. Do not make your woman to report you on any occasion as it really irritates. Do not make her invent any excuses, she is a free person and has every right for some personal space.

How to build trust with your girlfriend? You shouldn`t search evidence of dishonesty. It is absolutely humiliating for both of you. Moreover, biased attitude makes your imagination distort facts and turn them into the evidence of betrayal. It is important to remember, instead of shouting, asking to report of every single step, you should support your lady since anyone can get into a ludicrous situation in which they are not guilty.

How to trust your girlfriend? Establish friendship in order to be open-hearted. Be a man of action, if you promise anything, do it. If you offer to help move things to another flat, come and help. If you promise to give a ride to the suburbs, in order for her to have an opportunity to meet parents, be there. Then she will know that your words correspond with your actions. You should always tell the truth, no matter what. Some people think there is a white lie, sometimes hiding the truth in order not to hurt feelings. But a lie is a lie, either it is big or small. Small lies may derail relationship. Share secrets together.

Trusting your girlfriend is not an easy thing.

In order to know how to trust a woman in relationship, you must not constantly check every step. Spend more time communicating with each other.

How to learn how to trust your partner? A heart-to-heart talk plays an important role. What does “heart-to-heart” talk mean? It is when your girl does not guess what you think, but she knows it. Do you want to know the ways to hold a productive conversation? Here are some tips for you:

Do not be shy to ask direct questions and never say you guessed what your girl wanted to say or meant. Just wait a couple of minutes and you will not need to make any guesses.

When your lady is speaking, do not interrupt. Listen up to the end. This helps you to understand the thread of her thoughts.

Always try to speak up your mind. This will help your lady to see the situation in detail and understand your feelings.

When your girlfriend goes out without you, don`t call every 15 minutes to check location, give space. Don`t be a helicopter partner watching every move. Even though you are a couple, each of you should have his own space, hobbies and friends.

True love can forgive many things. And it is easier and more interesting to communicate if you try to understand each other. In case one of you tries to prove that his/her opinion is more important, or the only one, he/she will lose, since it will not be love, but the wish to compel the other person to your will.

Finally, just remember that it is only possible when you are sincere yourself and do not lie both to her and to yourself. The state of absolute mutual support, respect and love is the highest award.

How to build trust back into a relationship? If it was broken once, it is not easy to bring it back. It depends what exactly happened, a minor misunderstanding or cheating. If it is the second option, you shouldn`t close your eyes and just let it pass. Ignoring the issue and hiding your emotions won`t contribute to bringing it back. Some people leave without giving a chance for a mistake, they cannot forgive cheating. Some couples try to fix the problem and give a chance for future relationship. But in order to succeed, you should do work hard. People might make mistakes, it is natural. We learn from our mistakes. But if you want to make things work, be sincerely apologetic and give your partner opportunity to decide what to do with the situation. When you have fixed the issue and you are both ok with that, put the problem aside forever, don`t mention it in the future.