So, there is a girl that you like a lot, but… you do not understand what exactly she feels towards you. Read our article and find out how to understand that the girl loves you.

Sign of true love from a girl #1.She calls or writes you first.

The girl starts communication because she is interested in you. She does not want to wait for you to make the first step and is ready to make it herself. Girls value their free time and if SHE wants to share it with you and makes the first steps, be sure she is into you.

Sign of true love from a girl #2. She gives you presents.

As soon as the girl breaks stereotypes about men giving presents and paying for everything, she demonstrates her feelings. Buying you presents, she wants to say that she has feelings for you. It is important for her to make something pleasant for you and make you happy.

Sign of true love from a girl #3. She makes an emotional contribution.

She is worried about you and takes care of you. She wants to know how your day was. She wants you to share your problems with her. You are a part of her life. So be sure: she is asking not because she is snooping around. She shows that she loves you. And next time she asks when you will come, do not get angry as she is not trying to control you.

Sign of true love from a girl #4. She reckons with your personal interests.

She tries to fit in with your schedule. She knows when you are tired or hungry. She takes what you like and what you don’t like into an account. You might watch the same movies now and order the food, which YOU will approve. If your interests have become as important to her as her own ones, you are a VERY important person in her life.

Sign of true love from a girl #5. She is worried if you ignore her.

She will be nervous if you do not send her text messages, even when you are busy at work. She will ask where you have gone and why you are not replying. She will be worried if she lacks your attention.  And such reaction is a true sign that she loves you.

Sign of true love from a girl #6. She does not flirt with other men.

As soon as a girl starts feeling love for you, her feeling of loyalty turns on too. She does not look at other men and does not try to flirt with them. You are the only object of attention for her and it is important for her that you are together. Frankly speaking, it is natural that girls want to make all the men like them, but when they are in love, they will concentrate on one man only.

Sign of true love from a girl #7. She gives you care and attention.

She is worried when you are returning home late, she calls you. It is important for her how your business meeting went and what you discussed. She cooks for you, and picks up your socks, which you have forgotten to put away as you were in a hurry.  She tries to make you feel comfortable by any means as it is now her daily duty.

Sign of true love from a girl #8. She helps you.

When a girl is in love, she never divides “you” and “I”. She takes all your problems as her own. She is interested in your business, gives you advice and helps. You are as one now. She will become your ally. And even if there is nothing she can do to help, you will feel her support. That means a lot.

Sign of true love from a girl #9. She is jealous.

It is not surprising that when a girl has feelings for you, she starts being jealous. Of course, she will try not to show her true worries, but very often it will be difficult to hide them. Look at your girl’s reaction to your communicating with other girls: if she gets angry or disappointed, she has feelings for you.

Sign of true love from a girl #10. She does not lie to you.

If she is not in the mood for a meeting with you, she will tell you about it without making up any excuses and pretend. She will be sincere with you in any issue as relationship is based on trust.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in defining whether the girl loves you or not as she will not even hide her feelings. However, when you discover this fact, be careful and make the right decision on how to behave and what to do with the obtained information.